To Brock and others...

I’m horrified at the happenings of the past day. I wholeheartedly agree that we should track down those responsible and bring them to justice. But at the same time, I’m repulsed by Brock’s racist attitudes. Apparently he is devoid of historical perspective. To be honest, if I was Palestinian, I would feel no great love for Israel. Israel was carved out of land that Palestinians and people of many different belief have been living in for hundreds of years. Then the Allies draw some lines on a map and proclaim that ANYONE of Jewish heritage can go there and become citizens of this new nation. Sure you claim that Palestinians were welcome to stay and become citizens of this new nation, but even many Jewish scholars admit that this is not true. In many cases, Palestinians were driven out of Palestine. Besides, would any Jew be willing to live in a nation founded on Islam?

Back to the subject at hand. It is important to note that we still do not know who committed this heinous act. Even if Arab Muslims did do this, New York, being such a multicultural ciy, no doubt had many Arabs Muslims, undoubtedly some of whom were Palestinian, who died in yesterday’s tragedy. We, as a nation, regardless of race or creed, are victims. It is terrible to single out any one ethnic group.

Brock, I suggest that you and Jason Baran go sit in the corner together, for I see little difference between the two of you. For the rest of the raving manics that have spewed their hatred across this board, it appears the terrorists have won. This is just what they wanted–for us to lose sight of what made us great–tolerance and freedom.

Bleeding heart bullshit. Please do your self a favor and take a logic course. You may learn something. You cannot stand for both sides. I have made not bones about it that I am all for finding those reponsible and executing them in a brutal fashion. Drop the diplomatic pc shit. That is what got us into this in the first place. A bully is not stopped until his nose is bloodied. That is all they can understand. The same goes for terrorists. Cowards the whole lot and you by your preaching support that shit. Take a side or you will rail your balls (if you have any) on the fence you are attempting to straddle. BTW you are doing a poor job of it. While we still to not know who did this. How can you sit there being pompus by pointing out we do not know who did this when we do know "fact Bin Ladin did do the 93 bombing for that alone he should have been executed and anyone housing him should have paid. If that would have happened then possibly yesterday would not have occured. Granted that doesn’t bring back anyone however why don’t you tell Watts that is mommy died cause we are not willing to kick ass when we need to. Some phychos do not understand anything but violence so give it to them. Michelle and you with your are we above them well I hate to fill you in on this kids but we need to bring it to their house period. The time for talk and utalitarian bull shit is past it is time to act. Granted we should find out who exactly did this but in the process we should destroy any know terrorists anywhere send a loud and clear message. You kill our people we will kill you, your family and anyone who acts like you. Diplomacy is only lies to make others feel better diplomacy has never solved anything only delayed it for another generation to deal with. So for all this tree hugging hippy crap bite my ass I am pissed as are many other t-men/women and all t-kind. I am all for finding them however when they do I hope some pc piece of shit is not there to say no death penalty. Shit justice what kind of justice typical bleeding heart shit justice. Like cable tv, 3 sqares a day, education and all the other fucking perks this country gives those who commit crimes. People who read like text books unemotional and without passion. God help them if they set foot in my garden and mean me or mine harm.

No Hyok, it is you who is wrong. The Palestinians hate me because I am a Jew and
an American. They seek to destroy me.
I have every right to hate them and seek to
destroy them in return.

Not “racism” but “self preservation”.

You obviously subscribed heavily to the Arab propaganda bullshit lies about the land in the Middle East propogated by the 'Palestinians'.

I will tolerate anyone and everyone who loves
America and does not try to harm her or me
for no other reason that I am an American

Anyone who seeks to destroy me or my country
is on my “hate list”.

Again, just self preservation, not racism.


Actually, the land in question historically belonged to Israel long before the Palestinians lived in it “for hundreds of years.” At least, that is what I hear from Old Testament PhDs.

son, you do not know history. the palestians were given many chances for land, there refused, were turned away from their fellow Arab countries, so, what-we should suffer from the palestians own short sightedness, i say fuck anyone who kills others for dislike of our life and beliefs. No one religion is better than another, nor person, lets not lose sight of that!

Brock, I am just curious, because of your strong feelings concerning Palestine, Palestenians, and Arabs where does that leave your relationship with Lyle Mcdonald who is half Arabic and at least a quarter Palestinian?

Thanks for the history lesson Mustang. I now suggest that you go back to whatever European nation you are from and give this land back to the Indians.

I can easily go back to 1948 and form an Arab nation called Palestine, install a democratic government, pour millions into its economy and military and invite all the Palestinians from all over the world to go settle there as citizens. Then I would have a nation exactly the same as Israel today, except it would be Arab. That did not happen because we, the West, wanted a Judeo-Christian foothold in the Holy Land. It is just another incarnationof the Crusades.

Brock, Palestinians hate Israelis because they chose to believe that ethnicity and religion is a more important criteria for legitimate residency in that land than the fact that they have lived there for generations. If a nation’s very identity–a nation that did not exist before 1948–is based on race and ethnicity, it will be judged on that basis.

While I perfectly understand why Palestinians would have tried to destroy Israel upon its creation, I do think that these times are different from 1948. Israel has gained a measure of legitimacy, simply by existing this long, regardless of its dubious beginnings. Will Palestinian extremists ever stop trying to topple Israel? I doubt it–just like I doubt that extremist Zionist will ever stop constructing settlements where their holy book says the Israelites lived a couple of thousand years ago. But I do believe that the majority of the Palestinians are sick of fighting and just want a nation to call their own. They just want to make a decent living instead of hanging on in utter poverty and despair.

Unfortunately Doug, this cannot happen because the lands they occupy at this time is too fragmented. Would you accept a proposal where your country was divided into several separate pieces only connected by roads controlled by a foreign power? Never. That is why the Palestinians pushed for a contiguous piece of land they can their own, which Israeli P.M. Ariel Sharon is fearful of giving because he fears that Palestine will rise up and gain power to attack Israel again. The ol’ divide and conquer principle. This Israeli fear is one that Palestinian extremists are only happy to feed with their suicide bombings. Whatever peace that results in the ME, it needs to be strong enough to endure the attacks by extremists from both sides. Ever since Rabin was assassinated, we have been very far from that.

Don’t think that I don’t know about being a victimized ethnic group. My father lived through the Japanese occupation of Korea. Korean residents of Japan still face discrimination and are still required to be fingerprinted though most are second and third generation resident who don’t even speak Korean anymore. I would be very easy to hate Japan. I could hate them for putting Koreans who were forced to serve in their Imperial Army in the Yasukuni Shrine honoring their war criminals like Hideki Tojo. I could hate them for stealing more than 90% of Korea’s royal treasures and national treasures (sad to say, but the best place to see examples of Korean art is Japan). Instead, I choose to see people as human beings. While I still despise the Japanese govenment, my best friend–my wife–is Japanese.

“This is just what they wanted–for us to lose sight of what made us great–tolerance and freedom” Wrong. What has made us a great nation is having a Consitution drawn up on freedom for our citizens, and being inundated w/ great leaders (in the past anyways). Tolerance is a wholely other issue, one we never have accelled at (slavery w/ the blacks, the indian land treatment, chinese railroad workers, mexicans, and the list goes on).

Hyok, you posted that, “I can easily go back to 1948 and form an Arab nation called Palestine, install a democratic government, pour millions into its economy and military and invite all the Palestinians from all over the world to go settle there as citizens. Then I would have a nation exactly the same as Israel today, except it would be Arab.”

Not so. There are no genuine democracies among the Muslim Arab nations because orthodox Islam is culturally incompatible with democracy.

You state that, “But I do believe that the majority of the Palestinians are sick of fighting and just want a nation to call their own. They just want to make a decent living instead of hanging on in utter poverty and despair…Palestinians hate Israelis because they [Israel?] chose to believe that ethnicity and religion is a more important criteria for legitimate residency in that land than the fact that they [Palestinians?]have lived there for generations.”

Not so. I’ve lived in the Middle East and I can tell you that Arab hatred of Jews and Israel has its roots in Abraham rather than the founding of Israel or Israel’s policies. I have met Saudis who declared Hitler a great man. Do you honestly think these Saudis concluded this about Hitler because of Israel’s religio-ethno-based residency policy, or do you think maybe Arabs hate Jews for reasons extending back centuries? These Saudis are animated by Arab hatred of Jews, a hatred well-documented from the founding of Islam and with roots all the way to Abraham. If some Saudis who live comfortably hundreds of miles from Israel think the Holocaust was a good thing, do you honestly think the Palestinians’ resentment of Israel is merely over Israel’s residency policies?

If the majority of Palestinians merely wanted a homeland and a better standard of living, they would abide by their worthless promises in the Oslo Accords and stop using maps in their schools that show no Israel. Yassir Arafat would quit making speeches in Arabic to Arab audiences calling for the destruction of Israel. Arafat would arrest terrorists in his jurisdiction as he promised in the Oslo Accords rather than blaming Israel for having to encroach on his jurisdiction to assassinate these terrorists. The Palestinian Authority would stop stockpiling arms in direct violation of the Oslo Accord. Get the picture? The “majority of Palestinians” are committed to the complete destruction of Israel and prefer to live in their current squalid circumstances rather than make a realistic/pragmatic decision to prosper in a homeland.

As someone else here has pointed out, the surrounding Arab nations have had decades in which to offer their Palestinian “brothers” a homeland. Why does Jordan only offer the West Bank, etc., as a Palestinian homeland AFTER losing it in a war it initiated against Israel? Why do the Arabs attack Israel, lose ground, then turn around and ask for the land back as a “homeland” for their “brothers,” the Palestinians? Because the issue is not to give the Palestinians a homeland. There have been decades for that. The issue is to recover militarily strategic land for the eventual destruction of Israel. You denounce Israel’s “divide and conquer” approach to Palestinian land, but what is Israel supposed to do, slit its own throat by handing over contiguous and militarily advantageous pieces of land to people who have repeatedly attacked her and today lie about recognizing her right to exist?

You also state that, “They [the Palestinians] just want to make a decent living instead of hanging on in utter poverty and despair. Unfortunately Doug, this cannot happen because the lands they occupy at this time is too fragmented.”

Have you studied the economics of Arab nations that enjoy unfragmented, contiguous pieces of a homeland without roads controlled by foreign powers? In the absence of oil wealth, virtually every Arab society has lived in conditions like those of today’s Palestinians. If anything, proximity to Israel has afforded Palestinians employment opportunities they’d not otherwise have. The Palestinians would almost certainly be as poor if not poorer than they are today if Israel did not exist. Just look at Yemen and any other Arab nation that does not have oil if you want to know what the conomy of a contiguous, autonomous Palestinian homeland would look like.

I encourage you to do some research on the origin of Israel and Islam and spend some time talking to some real flesh and blood Arabs before speculating on the motives of “the majority of Palestinians.”

Hey Hyok what do you mean by “Even if Arab Muslims did do this” Do you know any other group of people other than arab muslims capable of suicide attacks on innocent civilians?

I, for one, am tired of all the drivel here against Palestanians. Americans don’t know what it is to be driven out of their homes, by a bunch of refugees. Why should Jews not born in the land, be given preference over people living there happily. Just because US and Britian had the money and the war machines to make it happen.
Now let me tell you something. Many Indian punjabis are Aryan. Considering that many have been targetted by USA’s ally Pakistan, why doesn’t USA rehabilitate them in Germany? I’ll tell you why. Because, US would rather rehabilitate them in some third world country. And you expect the Palestanians to shower you with love, for the injustice that the US and British govts have done to them.
All these muslim experts like Brock should realise that they know zilch about Islam. In 1947, UK divided India into India and Pakistan (East and West). My grandfather was living happily in Chakia, in the Upper Regional Provinces, when a group of Britishers told them that the Hindus were armed and going to kill all of them, so they better go to Pakistan. Their reasoning was that Hinduism was an intolerant religion. My grandfather refused to believe the lie, but several people fled from there. Years later, when I sit with Hindus who have come from Dhaka(now in Bangladesh) they tell me that the British offers in East Pakistan and North Easteren Frontier Agency, had asked Hindus to vacate their home, because the Muslims were sure to poison the wells, and kill them. Why? Because Islam is an intolerant religion.
India will like the USA to hunt Osama BL, but no one except the Israelis will support you that Islam is a religion of hate. Because, Americans don’t know enough to make comparisons of religions and cultures. US tourists travel the world, with their eyes blinded to the culture, looking at outside world, with blinkers. For your kind information, I am just back after offering my Friday namaz, and in Mumbai, Muslims are doing Fateha to bless the departed souls in the attacks. Of course, what would the people here know. They don’t have the exposure to various cultures that non-Americans do.
Before I end, I wanna ask you one question. Which among these famous personalities is a Muslim: Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mousillini, Csar of Russia, the German Kaiser, Jack the Ripper? Everyone here knows the answer
I apologise if I have hurt the feelings of people at such a time. May Allah help you find the wisdom to understand reality.

True Islam is an religion of peace, tolerance,
and love. You’re wrong, I know a lot more
about Islam than you think. I know the 5
pillars of Islam and I can name the first
5 Caliphs after Mohamed (PBUH) as well as tell you
the differences between a Sunni and Shias

Most Palestinians are not practicing true
Islam. They are practicing a bastardized,
egocentric, extremist form of Islam.

Of the 3 Abrahamic religions, Islam is surely the most tolerant of women. Yes, this is true everyone, Islam is the only one of the three that allows a women to ask and initiate a divorce, the only one of the three that allows a woman to have equal property and inheritance rights, and I could go on and on as to how egalitarian Islam is. But in the 'Islamic World', women are subjugated. The Taliban will not allow them formal education past age 8, the must wear the hijab and they can't go out unless escorted by a male relative.

These people have perverted a beautiful
religion and it is a shame.
Not all muslims are terrorist or evil.
Just these Palestinian dickwads who
pervert the religion to suit their personal
political agenda.

I have no issues with the “Arabs that identify
themselves as Palestinians” wanting a home
land. They should have one. However, it
should not be at the expense of Israel’s
very existance, and it is crystal clear that
ultimately, this is what Arafat and the
“Palestinians” want.

Israel is not a democracy. It has some democratic and Western mores and ideals, but Israel is a Jewish state for Jews, a homeland for us. And it needs to stay this way.

Would you suggest we “integrate” the Vatican
and allow Palestinians to settle and
become a majority there? Or how about
Japan allowing a bunch of Sudanese refugees
to come in, give them full citizenship and
let them become a majority peoples?

Hell no, of course you don’t expect this stuff.
Why would you expect Israel to allow in these
Palestinians then?

If a Palestinian state is established, this
“RIGHT TO RETURN” bullshit they propagate
should be settle with them returning TO
But they don’t want this because they want
to take over and destroy the Jewish nature
of Eretz Y’Israel. Well, newsflash, it will
never happen.

And if the the Pallie are hellbent on
destroying Israel, I see no reason why
we (Jews) can’t take them out first.

Has nothing to do with Islam and it is not
an Islamic issue. It is an “Arab” issue. -


Hyok, someone has given you false history. Over years, Jews had bought the land that they had when the English left in 1948. The English set up boundaries for two states, one Arab and one Jewish. The Palestinian did not like the idea of the Jewish state, neither did the surrounding Arab countries. The surrounding countries attacked with help from the Arabic Palestians the promise of giving the Jewish land to the Arabic Palestinians. The Jews won and took everything.

Listen to Brock, he knows. These people are worse scum than you could possibly ever imagine

Hyok is 100% right. Not to mention the Israelis were known for terrorist acts of their own (blowing up hotels etc)in their quest to become a nation. It’s time for the double standards to end. There is NO justification for the killing of women and children - by the Nazis, the Israelis, the US or the Palestinians. It’s time to reclaim the moral high ground.

“There is NO justification for the killing of women and children.” I find this statement offensive. For some reason we opperate under the premise that it is ok to kill men not involved in the military. If i were to say that hypothetically 95% of the people killed in the WTC were men over age 18, would that really reduce the tragedy that occured at WTC? The distinction sould be “no justification for killing civilians.” But then, one must determine what civilians are or are not. Bin Laden’s camp perverts the definition so much that there are no civilians. Let’s look at WWII. There’s the fire bombing of Dresden and the a-bombing of Hiroshima. Dresden was a deliberate terrorist attack by the US on a city far removed from the Nazi war machine-- inexcusable. Hiroshima however was in much different context. The citizenry of japan all wielded weapons, vowing to kill Americans by hand, a fight to the death of non-soldiers even, and thus the Truman decision to a-bomb Hiroshima was imo warranted.

I guess it should come to no shock to me that
some people (net khan, et al) have a skewed
view of history as it relates to the middle
east. The idea that Israel is a country
of refugees that kicked out the indigenous
people so European Jews could have the land
is a distorted if not outright false, view.

If it was “just land”, the UN would have
insisted that the Jews settle for some
jungle patch of Africa which now compromises
Uganda. In fact, this was actually proposed:
to give the Jews what is now Uganda and it
almost happened.

But Jews have a definite historical tie to
Israel, the land where it is now.

I am not going to rehash history from when
Moshe Rabbenu first saw eretz Y’israel and
Joshua led the Jews to settle there.

But I will go back to 1948, some 3000+ years
later when Israel was renewed.

The plan was to split the land between the
Arabs (not Palestinians, ARABS!!!) and the
Jews. Already, the British had (if somewhat
arbitrarily) drawn up country lines for other
Arab colonies. The idea was to have a Jewish
state next to an Arab state in what is now
Israel and the “occupied terrorites” (which
God willing, will soon be purged of all things
Arab and incorporated into Israel proper).

This division of the land, and it was
unhabitable land that the Jews were to get,
mostly swamp and desert muck, was fine with
the Jews. It was not, however, fine with
the Arabs.

Most of the Arabs left “Israel” by their own
volition, not as refugees. Because they
thought (incorrectly) that the combined
armies of these other Arab countries would
drive the Jews into the sea and then they could
go back to their houses. They took a
gamble. Guess what? They lost. Time to
move on and find a new patch of sand to
call “home”. When you lose a war, you
don’t get to ask for your shit back that the
other side now possesses.

Even after the initial Arabian assault and
subsequent humiliation of the Arabs by
the fledgling Israelis, the Arabs did not
get the hint.

They attacked again and again, and lost
each and every war (all six of them). Israel
has NOT ONCE declared war on it’s Arab
neighbors without being attacked first.

In 1967, Jordan lost Jerusalem to the Jews
in a war which they (the Jordanians) started.
We recaptured the Temple Mount and for the
1st time in thousands of years, Jews were in
control of the site where our temple once
stood. When the Jordanians controlled
Jerusalem, they did not allow Jews or
Christians up to the mount or anywhere in
much of Jerusalem.

By the way, the Jordanians and NOT the
“Palestinians” controlled Jerusalem, so
this “Palestinian claim” to Jerusalem now
is farcical at best.

The Jews, however, decided to return control
of the Temple Mount to the Wakf (Islam Trust)
to administer and take care of it because
of the mosque that had been build up there.

We did not (and in my opinion, we should not)
have to return the Mount to the Arabs.
But we did. I would have either turned
the Al Aksa Mosque into a library or levelled
it totally had I been PM of Israel but
I digress…we gave back the Mount because
we thought we could compromise with the Arabs.
We did it as a goodwill gesture, as sign
we wanted to try to live with them in peace
and work out our differences.

But the Arabs do not possess Western
sensibilities for the most part and we can
not reason with them in Western ways. They
have a bazaar type mentality. Bully and
bargain your way through life, this is
what Arabs are about.

And they attacked again in 1973, on the
holiest day of the year for Jews. In six
days we crushed them (yet again).

At this time, the president of Egypt,
Anwar Sadat became the first Arab to show
any sense of intelligence when he realized the
Jews and Israel are a permanent fixture in
the middle east and Sadat decided to
try peace (even if it is a cold peace) rather
than war with the Jews. He paid for this
wise choice with his life.

Arafat and his little band of Arabs have been bantered around all over the middle east. Nobody wants them, even other Arabs look at them with disgust and disdain. Face it, they are the lowest form of Arab there is. They are untrustworthy and dumb. When given sanctuary in Jordan, Arafat tried to overthrow the Jordanian monarchy and government. This got him and a good many of his Arab followers expelled from Jordan. Arafat and the Palestinians supported Saddam Hussein and Iraq in the Gulf War. The "Palestinians" seem very adept, almost "genuis-like", in their ability to pick the wrong side or do the wrong thing (case in point - there was growing US sympathy for the "Pallies" and many here thought the Israelis were the aggressors or the perps here...however, the continued celebrations of the latest "events" in NYC and Washington by the Pallies have caused any American with half a brain to utterly despise the Pallies and their "cause").

You can say Israel did not want to give the
Pallies a contiguous tract of land for
a country or that there were too many
“conditions” for them to accept the
generous, albeit insanely stupid offer that
the last PM of Israel made them.

But after spending the better part of 50 years
fighting these people, Israel knows they can’t
be trusted and the only way they can be given
a “state” of their own is if Israel can
be assured they won’t use it to strike at

However, Arafat has been, if anything,
consistent from Day One…he wants all of
Israel for “Palestine” and will not rest
until he gets this. He is only interested
in a “side by side” state with the Jews as
a temporary measure until he can “reconquer”
the rest of ‘Palestine’.

That is the difference (well, one of many)
between the Jews/Israel/Western Thought and
the Islamists/Palestinians/Arab Mindset:

We are willing to live and let live, and to
live beside them, even in a “cold peace”.
They are not, they insist on obliterating
us and wiping us off the map.

We have civility and humaness; they are
nothing but animals.

Now what does this have to do with the WTC and
Pentagon massacres (and make no mistake
about it, these were massacres!)???

Now America has an idea of what every Israeli
has to deal with on a day to day basis and
has had to deal with since Day One of
Israel’s existance: the threat of

My solution to this, it may sound Draconian,
it may sound racist, it may sound
facist, it may sound like a lot of things, is
elegantly simple: It has come down to them
or us.

Time to seperate the men from the boys here.
We need to see which middle east emirates and
sultanates are on our side or are our enemies.
There is no neutral here.

Those that are hostile to us, to our way of
life (Iraq, Afganistan, etc.) are to be
invaded, their peoples and cultures
replaced with that of the West and their
lands be made into ‘America - East’.

Because short of a protracted land
and ground war there, short of WWIII,
we will not remove the root course of this
problem. When a weed grows in the garden,
cutting the stem does not kill the weed. You
have to get to the root.

We would have lived side by side with them,
in peace and preferably in peace and harmony
but a cold peace if need be.

They would not have it, they will not have
it now and they undoubtedly will never
have it.

So we have to destroy them before they
destroy us.

I am not happy over this. I am saddened
by this conclusion. But it really is the
only conclusion of any merit or logic.

And make no mistake about it, we will win.
Because God is most assuredly on our side.
Six times Arab armies attacked Israel and
all six times they were repelled. Surely
God is looking out for the Jews and for
his country, Israel.

And God is on the side of America. Because
without the implicit blessings of God, we
would never have become the super power
we are today, the bastion of all that is
tolerant, good and human in the world.


I just want to say that I feel it is a grave mistake to be less than specific about who we are fighting and who we are not. A simple but appropriate story to illustrate my point. If Johnny fucks off in class, Johnny should be punished, not the whole class. If some of Johnny’s classmates try and help Johnny fuck off bigger and better and with less chance of getting caught, then those classmates that helped are also guilty. But in each case there are many that are in the same room, that should not be punished. How do they distinguish themselves from Johnny and his gang? They tell on Johnny. Johnny may get pissed off and make threats, his gang may make threats, but if the innocents do a thorough job of telling the teacher who was involved, Johnny and his gang will be too busy getting their collective asses busted to cause anyone else much trouble.
Now, if the teacher goes off on everyone in the room, some that weren’t involved originally but are now guilty by association may decide to go ahead and do what they are already being punished for. Get my point? Make no mistake, the organization that did this must be eliminated without hesitation. But it is equally important to note that this organization is not distinguishable by race, nationality, or even by religion. They are a ragtag bunch of renegades from several nations, races (I am certain there are probably anglo-sympathizers that helped them here), and are at best a fanatical extremist fragment of a larger religion (no more representative of the Muslim faith than Jasan Baran is of Christianity). It is the organization we are after, not the whole “class”.

wanted to say thanks for the excellent posts, very enlightening and very educational-thanks

I agree with mostly everything that Brock said. Mostly. Brock, you said that God is definitely on our side in this conflict. I believe it is very unhealthy to justify any actions based on the belief that some deity wants us to win. That’s why the human race is all screwed up now! I’m no historian, but if you look at history since records have been kept, most wars, mass murdering of civilians, atrocities and heinous acts beyond comprehension have been the result of one group thinking that their religion is better or that their God or Allah or Jehovah says it is OK and that they were right. This is madness and the thing that breaks my heart is that this is what we ALL teach our kids. We will never be at peace as long as groups of people believe they are better than other groups or that they have some God given right to kill, steal or enslave others. Make no mistake - that is the bottom line. We (meaning whoever is taking these actions) justify doing evil things or take from others by saying it is right by (insert deity here). Examples are Columbus and other Spanish explorers and what our leaders and pioneers did to the Native Americans inhabitants of this land in the past. Whole civilizations have been wiped out because someone wanted what they had (The Incas, Mayans, Aztecs, Toltecs, etc.)

I only hope that those who were low and evil enough to do what was done last week are quickly dealt with - not because God wants us to do that, but because as humans trying to be civilized and live in peace, we must take steps to return the world to some semblance of peace and security for our children and reduce the chance of this happening again. Just my opinion, but evil is man-made and so is good - look to the hearts of men and women for both. Deeds should dictate actions, not how someone looks or how they dress. That is how to be vigilant. Stay strong and close to the ones you love. Peace.