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To Brief or Not To Brief...

I posted a question last week on a hip joint problem I was having at the bottom of my squat. I was directed to Cressey and Robertson’s article on hip mobility and activating the glutes in the squat. I was also advised to get brief for squating.

I have looked at several products like Inzer’s groove briefs and power pants and the Metal gear at Elite. Will the Inzer gear do the trick or should I save up the money for the Metal gear which is about five times as expensive?

Depends on what you want them for. If you’re looking solely for hip protection for box squatting, go with the Inzer power pants. The metal briefs are only really worth it if you want to compete or add poundage on to your squat. They’re too much just for hip protection.

I have to disagree, I have used several brands of briefs and I believe the Metal Pro’s are by far the most comfortable and manageable briefs out right now. They do kick in tremendously w/ a suit over them but worn alone they will be just fine for what you want.

They do loosen up over time so get them tight. The thickness also keeps my hips warm as well as protected during my squat sessions. I recommend Metal briefs. Suits on the other hand can be anything you like.