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TO Bill roberts

In a few months I’m going to have surgery to replace my right shoulder and the Dr suggested I lose some weight. A friend of mine recommended t-2 pro and md6 to help me along with changing my diet habits. I’m 5’11 230 and would eventually like to get down to 200lb. I’ve cut out all the junk food so far and started eating more chicken and turkey along with dropping the red meat. I’ve also been reading all the back issues for diet information and I have learned a lot so far. I know that I can’t take md6 b/c I get very hyper from just 1 cup of coffee and I was wondering if anything in t-2 pro would negatively interact with medication I’m currently on. I take Viox and Tylenol w/codien for pain in my shoulder and Anbien for a sleep aid. Thanks for your help-Mike


I suppose it could be that T2 might interfere
with getting to sleep in some cases by increasing thyroid production but it’s certainly not generally a problem. It wouldn’t interfere with Ambien’s mechanism of action.

There’s no known adverse interaction with the antiinflammatories or codeine. It’s possible
that the forskolin component might itself have an anti-inflammatory effect (via decreasing effect of IL-17) but whether that’s significant I don’t know. So there might be a positive interaction.