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To Bill Roberts or Brock..Re Mag-10 Training

Hi Bill or Brock. I was wondering since I’m not familiar with prohormone use, what kind of training cycle you would use for a mag-10 cycle. I am most interested in how you would set it up for an 8 week cycle. I understand the dietary reccomendations…I’m 19 and I’ve been training for going on 5 years. i’m looking for the 20-30 pound lean mass gain. Finally if you could , (in case money gets tight) throw in some advice for a two week cycle thanks…Mike

just bumping this up

Dude, do you even read the current free online issue of T-mag? Because it seems like maybe you haven’t read this week’s issue. Try that.

Choad thats a pretty cocky answer there,bud. Yes i read the magazine thoroughly . If you are referring to the growth surge article then yes I read it…but if you read CLOSELY, that is only a two week cycle of Mag 10 and it is part of a SIX week program. I specifically asked about an 8 week cycle for continuous use of Mag 10 and what type of training cycle Bill would reccommend since I’m not very familiar with Androgen use…Bill if you read this I’d greatly appreciate any help you could give.

Well, I have a little reluctance to answer
that since I no longer am doing any training
programs for anyone. So my latest ideas
are tried only on myself. I don’t prefer
writing about things I’ve only tried on myself. So in that sense, I’d prefer talking about more classic and proven methods of training during a cycle (which I’ve done before.)

However, currently I subscribe to the idea
that the body is capable of just amazing
bursts of growth from a workout, but this
cannot occur through some long series of
workouts. So what I am doing now is, when
gaining, training each part of the split
(triceps/shoulders/chest OR legs/abs OR biceps/back) once per week, and workouts
alternate between being designed for
gains – a little more than 20 sets total
divided into two workouts in the day, with 4 second negatives – and workouts designed for maintenance, with only one set per exercise and fast negatives. No more than 2 gaining workouts are performed per part of the split, then
several weeks dieting or maintenance.

This works for me but may not, for you,
be any better than trying to gain every
workout while “on cycle.” For that reason,
for a first cycle I’d recommend training
hard every workout, working out bodyparts
once or twice per week at your preference,
doing 72-120 sets per week or so, at 75-80%
1RM, with slow negatives.

Oh, and for an 8 week cycle, I’d periodize it,
with some of it being as low as 60% 1RM
and building up to the heavier weights mentioned, and if fat loss were a goal, I’d be dieting during the lighter weight weeks.

As Bill mentioned, and so have I experienced with 8 week cycles, it might be more effective to start at lower %RM, like 60, and work your way up to 90% in the eighth week. I have done this 2 times and had good results by periodizing my %RM, volume, etc. My advice would be to not start out balls to the wall but work your way there sometime in the cycle. Experiment to find out what works best for you. Let me know if you need more help or any questions answered.

Thanks for the help guys. what i am cnfused about though, is that if I am looking for the 20 to 30 pound massgains…will training at 60% really help me or will I just ahve to use extremely high TUT then? Also Scott what wre your thoughts on volume cycling during the androgen cycle.Thanks alot Mike

You can make mass gains on androgens
even at 60% 1RM. At any one point in time
I do think around 75-85% is better for
mass gains (provided you can get reasonable
TUT at 85%) but over a longer period of
time you’ll do better by cycling the weights
up than constantly staying at the higher
percent 1RM. Also, unless you’ve quite lean
you might do quite well dieting the first
few weeks of the cycle anyway, and STILL be
able to gain 20 lb LBM overall in the last
five weeks or so.