To Bill Roberts concerning post Mag-10

Bill, I receive excellent results from cycling mag-10 with proper diet and training. I am very impressed with the product. However, I have struggled to maintain my gains. My question is how to maintain the gains as much as possible after coming off? Tribex and M have not been real successful for me. In my opinion, you have an extremely strong and effective product with Mag-10, but not a strong enough ancillary drug to help counteract the “coming off” and stimulating natural T production. In my experience, there is a definite natural T level reduction, which only indicates to me the real strength and integrity of Mag-10. Back to my question, would using Clomid or HCG help with maintaining my gains or do you see a problem with using such drugs do to the fact that Mag-10 isn’t considered a true steroid?

Retaining gains is a matter of diet more than anything else. Bill also suggest to train heavy to help “solidify” gains from androgens.

Clomid is definitely worthwhile if you can obtain it.

As TEK said, the best protocol for maintaining as much gains as possible in the first few weeks off the cycle is keeping weights up, but reducing volume by quite a lot, say half; and keeping calories no less than maintenance. Also, it’s a bad time for aerobics.

There can be quite significant weight loss that seems to be just glycogen and glycogen-associated water, and food in the GI tract. If your strength stays up, probably there is no or little actual loss of muscle protein. So sometimes “losses” are not real losses.