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to bill roberts and brock about the ttokyo

i just rcently received your message about the cypionate i bought 2 bottles of it from mking do u fell that it was just that batch of test or all batches and do u fel i cnkeep takin it i am on my 2nd weel please respond and can i trust him

This is why people assume all steroid users are stupid. For the love of GOD, proofread!!!

I don’t know anything about this situation other than what Brock reported.

It is possible that it is a batch related problem and yours is a different batch. It is up to you whether that seems like an advisable chance to take or not, keeping in mind that if it is bad, the medical consequences are quite nasty and costly. The fact that you’ve used it so far without a problem is suggestive that your stuff may be okay, but unfortunately, does not prove it. Sometimes it takes multiple exposures for something to show up. In other words, first few times, you have no problem, then the next time, the problem appears. So I would not consider your stuff safe unless a lot more information becomes available (such as, problem definitely identified as being certain lot numbers of which yours is not.)