To Bill R re: strength work on MAG-10

Hi Bill. I am going to start my first Mag-10 cycle at the end of the month and I am trying to plan out my training cycle accordingly. I am currently doing a lactic acid type program with high reps and will ahve done so for 6 weeks . I am also severly restricting carbs and cals. Needless to say it almost time for some size :-). That being said and I’m trying to fit the two-a-day schedule in with school for my first two week cycle. I have tweaked it a bit and I’m going to use a 6-8 rep range on most exercises .(I use higher reps for fat loss cycles). The one thing i’m worried about is a loss of strength with another 12 weeks of hypertrophy training. I would use 2 weeks of strength training in between cycles, but I thought it would be better to just reduce volume greatly. My question is would it be worth it to do say a wave like program of 7-53 for the last cycle, say two waves for two exercises ? That volume would be kind of low , so i’d throw in assistance exercises also and do the program 4x a week. Would this be too hard on the CNS? I was thinking the wave because this way it isn’t as brutal as a straight max strength program.I would appreciate your thoughts…thanks…Mike


one more time…

It really is a good thing to have periods
of using only lower weights, down (in my opinion) to 60% 1RM. If using androgen,
don’t worry about strength losses during
these times.

I’d think your wave program would work fine
and wouldn’t be too hard on the CNS, unless
you’re frequently attempting reps that
are so extremely difficult, or actually
prove impossible, that you’re in a fight-or-flight situation so to speak.
Figuratively speaking, this is where Kirk pushes the Enterprise so hard that smoke pours out of the panels, one second Mr Scott’s saying that she cannae take much more of this, and the next, he’s saying the dilithium crystals are completely burnt oot, warp drive out for at least a day. Don’t try reps like that. Train hard, but not where you burn the circuits out.

Thanks for the reply Bill, keep up the comedy as well;-)…Mike