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To Bill: Methoxy Challenge progress report

Hey Bill, just finished week 5 of using methoxy while dieting. So far the results have been extremely good ! I have no, I mean NO loss of strength, muscles harder than hell, and I’ve even gained a little in LBM ! My diet has basically been T-dawg, with re-feeds every 4 days or so, and I have to do cardio 3-5 times a week 30 minutes at a time, with a HIIT style. (being 32, my metabolism is a bit slow)

My progress has not been as great as I want, but it’s been consistent and steady so far. I feel I might be in a plateu right now, but looking to come out of it real soon.

Start off: 241 lbs. @ 19%
End of week 2: 236.5 lbs. @ 18.50%
End of week 3: 235.0 lbs. @ 18.33%
End of week 4: 236.0 lbs. @ 17.77%
End of week 5: 235.0 lbs. @ 17.20%

for 5 weeks: 1.9# LBM gain, and 3.4# fat loss, not earth shattering, but very good progress I think !

The only thing I don’t like about Methoxy is the consistency. Shaking it softly from side to side still gives some bubbles, but i think the mixture seperates pretty easy in the bottle.