To Bill: Drug Test Revisted

Bill, I am curious now. i was reading that post on failing a drug test while on Androsol. ANd in it, the guy asked if MAG-10 or T-17E would make one to fail a drug test, and you didnt answer that one. SO, how about it, will MAG-10 & T-17E cause someone to fail the drug test?

Not sure of the answer here, but are you an athlete that is drug tested? If not, and this is just a regular employee drug test, then no worries. They do not test for steroids, just pot, coke etc.

TEK, thanks for the feedback. No, I am not an athlete that is being tested. You are right it is for employment piss tests I am talking about. But, alot of you guys are wrong if you think that some employmees dont test for steroids. If you are employeed for fire depts, police depts, military, FBI, Secret Service etc, they can and do test for steroids. I know a couple of guys who were fired for failing a NYC fire & police dept randon drug test. Thats why I wish the Biotest/T-Mag guys would unleash Bill Roberts and Brock Strasser to do a article on pro=hormones and drug tests.

Ronnie Coleman: Height: 5’11"
Weight: 280 lbs. contest; >315 lbs. off-season
Current residence: Arlington, TX
Occupation: — " Police Officer "
How does he, get around the testing?
He’s taken more drugs than most small nations!
Maybe Cy Willson or J.M.B., can help us here!

I was under the impression that the P.D. dole test was just for illegal recreational drugs and there was a seperate (and very expensive) test for steriods

Ok, you most likley will fail a steroid test if you are on any kind of prohormone. It will throm your T-count up to high normal - which is failing. As for a standard new employment drug test, unless you just signed with the Tennesse Titans, they will not be testing for anabolic steroids of any kind.

Eddie, that is exactly my question. Us city, state, federal and military employees and potential employees have to take a piss test and give hair samples. Since we know they test for pot, coke, heroin etc out of that small cup of piss, can they also test for steroids with that same sample? Or do they have to test for steroids from a whole new fresh sample then?

Just want to keep this thread alive. Come on guys, chime in here.

nyc fireman…im not 100% sure about what they actually test for but im assuming with the amount of juiced up cops (and fireman, but you’d know better than me)in this city that they are just testing for recreational drugs but i could be wrong so im going to wait till im sure to try androsol cuz i like my job