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To Bake or Not to Bake?

I have two vials of gear from last summer in a 20mL vials. One is half used, and the other is full. I was planning on baking the one that is open b/c of possible contamination, but does anyone think I should bake the one that is sealed?

What’s the the optimal time/temp for baking out the bugs? 20mins @ 225 degrees sound about right?

I wouldnt really worry about baking either of them because you need to vent the vial in order to bake it. Theres likely no reason to bake it unless you were really careless with the vials (kept them under your fridge or something). BA is not only a solvent for the gear, it also works like a preservative maintianing sterility in the vial. Before you go to the trouble of baking it, skin test it. Take an insulin pin and stick a small ammount of the gear just underneath your skin somewhere (forearm works well). Dont go into the muscle. Just watch what happens for a few days. If you have no redness then you’re good to go. You wont get a full on infection even if the gear is complete crap from doing this provided you do it properly.


Do you mean the rubber stopper is no longer in place on the open one? As long as it’s still in place you should be fine, unless you were unsanitary when drawing from it previously.

You could also just buy some syringe filters. They are cheap.

Don’t know about the baking temperature, hopefully someone that makes their own tren can add to that.

I agree with JP - don’t bake! skin test first! Odds are the gear is still good because of preservative.

As far as heating your gear, 250 degrees is good enough. You’ll have t vent it though, or the top will explode off and your gear will end up all over the ceiling of the oven.

you could also do a water bathe - placing the bottle in a pot of boiling water, usually use something in the pot to protect the glass from the metal - I usually use a small stand of some sort - use your imagination. Once again though there is no need to bake it.