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To Bake or Not to Bake

Does anyone know if baking gear in an oven can reduce the B.A?

I have read arguments for and against baking it so would like some clarification if possible?

There is nothing wrong with baking the product and then filtering into sterile vials if you think you have a problem with sterility.

Im assuming thats the reason why you were asking. I wouldnt turn the oven up to broil or anything crazy like that.

its to remove some b.a becoz the shots are crippling

its atrocious stuff really!,have ordered some cyp but were stuck with pain til it arrives

You could have the oil, sterile vials and filters there in very little time as well.

If I had to resort to the stealth type prodcuts there is no way I would use then without first going through the process of adding more oil, heat and filter into sterile vials.