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To Anyone Who's Still A Raider Fan...


I just feel sorry for you at this point. What the hell is wrong with them? No Crabtree, let's take a guy who's projected as a late 1st rounder with the #7 pick. I knew they would mess it up again this year, but I didn't think it would be this bad. Any Raider fan needs to find a new team to root for.


I never been a raiders fan. I grew up watching the niners. Its great that the niners added another WR to their roster by choosing crabtree.

But geez jets traded up and chose sanchez for QB.

So for all raider fans that lost hope, look across the bridge and become a niners fan :wink:


As a Niner fan, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Al Davis and the Raiders for allowing us to pick Crabtree.


Did you hear the commentators say that Al Davis does not draft a player without his 40 time? What kind of policy is that?


I've watched several of Hayward-Bey's games at Maryland, and he ain't no top 10 pick.


Don't worry, niether is Matt Stafford. Unfortunately for the poor, helpless Lions, they're coughing up at least $41 mil guaranteed and haven't even committed to him as the 1st-Year starter over Culpepper yet.


In other news, though, the way this draft has gone this year has been really surprising to me. I'm a Packers guy, but I was shouting at the television yesterday when the Lions drafted Delmas instead of Maualuga at #33.


The Chokeland Traitors are not going to get out of their slump anytime soon. Their whole approach to the draft and game plan are both very flawed. Lord help you if you go to a Raider game, for some of the fans are worse than criminals. Years ago when the Raiders were still here in LA, I went to a game against Cleveland. Some poor fan sat in the wrong section, and he left in an ambulance. Fucking savages man.


It is good to see that I am not the only one thinking WTF.



I really don't want to talk about this.



Then they spend their 2nd round pick on a guy who was likely to go undrafted. I really think they're trying to lose at this point.


Hayward-Brey got the worst end of this deal. Unless he turns into Jerry Rice 2.0 he will always be remembered as the guy they passed on Crabtree for, and nothing he does will be good enough to warrant his being taken at 7. At least he's a millionaire now.


Does anyone else think they need to have get a salary cap on rookies' contracts? I mean, these guys are entirely unproven in the NFL yet they get all this shit-ton of money thrown at them.


I agree, they should implement a rookie salary cap based on league revenue. Hell, so instead of $41 mil a person gets $21 mil. I'm not trying to be a hater, if you can get $41 mil as a rookie, by all means congratulations I wish it were me. But, with the wasted money on some 1st rd busts, that cash could go back to the team to keep some of the "blue-collar" workers for the team and league