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to anybody near portland oregon

Does anybody know any good mixed martial arts, muay thai, regular western boxing, or grappleing schools around the portland area?

Hey s2: I think you should look into Straight Blast. I’m not sure where in Portland you are located at, but Straight Blast is in NE Portland off of NE MLK Jr. Blvd (Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd). We’ve gone by there a couple of times, but they were closed. Haven’t checked their website for hours - but they do have a website. What’s really cool, is that nearby on NE Knott street in the Matt Dishman Community Center is the Knox Street Boxing Gym. You can go get some boxing in nearby, too.

You might want to see if anyone teaches Jeet Kun Do in that area. Its a combination of Mu Thai(for striking(, jujitsu(for grappling and locks), and Kali Arnis Phillipino stick fighting(to teach you how to use a weapon). i have taken for 4 years and feel it has made me a well rounded fighter for street purposes. Hope that helps.

Hey thanks Patricia! I completely forgot about the SBG. You and KO are awsome. You guys are always answering everybodys question with legitamate answers. Alot of people answer everbodys questions body also talk alot of crap and half the time dont even know what there talking about. Anyway thank you. And more people on these boards need to take lessons from Patricia and KO.

In the Portland area the best guys arounds are the American Institute of Martial Sciences.

s2: Ko and I had seen a recent ad in a local newsmagazine that was about Randy Couture - we can’t really remember if he was opening a school here in Portland or appearing at an opening. We have found a ad in another mag: “Not Your Average Martial Art School! Team Quest. 503-661-1490” Now, I’m not at all sure if this has anything to do with it, but certainly give them a call (be sure to check their credentials!). I think I might, out of curiosity.

We're going to do a search on the web of "Randy Couture" to see if we can find anything.....post about it later.