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To any in Med School or Physical Therapy Graduates

Have you guys been able to maintain powerlifting/bodybuilding/eating healthy on such crazy school schedules?

I’m about to begin the professional phase of my school’s Doctor of Physical Therapy curriculum this summer. During the summer, I have gross anatomy, kinesiology I, and professional development, so I have class from 8-2 M, T, R, F with 1 break (apparently, no food allowed in class but I’ll sneak a shake or something). W I go 10-3. Not to mention I need to spend time with cadavers as well outside of class.

Next year is going to be worse, with school 8-3 or 8-5 most days of the week with 1 break in-between. They are nazis at my school’s med campus about bringing in food, but I’m going to see how long I can get away with it.

Has anyone else been through this and have advice to offer? Or anyone ever take 18-21 credits and still managed to get it all in? I’ve taken 18 credits for 5 semesters now, but they never have been all back to back, usually an hour or so in between.

crazy school schedules? 8-5 is a NORMAL day for most.

nuts, beef jerky and shakes are your friend. Eat big before and after long spells in the classroom. also drink loads of water.

if you really really really cant eat some nuts/shakes in class or between clasess, then get a massive bottle of water and put in 100g of BCAA everyday and drink it in class.

Going to take more preparation ahead of time. I had a really brutal schedule this year and actually put on some good weight and gained some strength.

Had to do more prep work though.

Ghost- thanks for the input. Guess the majority of my weekends will be prepping food for a couple weeks and studying

Bananas- what school schedule did you have that had you in class from 8-5? As an undergrad, the worst I ever had was 8-12:15 at once, and that was during an 18 credit semester. Don’t take this to sound critical, I’m just curious.

Applying to medical school right now and will have a very similar schedule and questions this following fall. Great question, and good luck with it dreads, hope you can manage your time well.

So glad I decided against pre-med.


Wait until you get to the real world…

Don’t forget, if Physical Therapy in the US is anything like Physio Therapy in Australia, then you’re probably going to have continuing education to do, even after you are finished your course. Look forward to when you work 40 hours a week, then you have to go to weekend seminars every now and then.

Then wait until you get a house and family… ahahahaha. +Respect to the guys and gals on these forums that manage all this, and have great physiques. :slight_smile:

And btw, I’ve worked weeks where I’ve worked 6 12 hour days, and still found time for the gym. The upside is that you burn stacks, so you don’t have to worry about overeating as much, or doing cardio. :slight_smile: