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to answer a few questuions...

well, to start…forgive me for not replying to questions asked immidiately, as i honestly don’t have time to get to my computer every day. it’s not at all because i’m not interested in answering people, or that i don’t want to try and contribute. anyway, my goals are to pretty much stay with the figure/fitness look, while trying to harden up my quads more…they’re my most responsive bodypart as far as growing is concerned, but i have trouble with detail in them. its either that or the fact that i have trouble passing up a taco bell, lol!

i have competed in a couple of smaller shows…done well in the novice divisions…but found that i’d probably have to resort to much more androgenic drugs if i actually wanted to come close to winning in an open divsion. i have nothing against anyone who uses whatever, and totally respect those who take it to the limit,…but i just don’t think i’d be comfortable in my own skin if i went that route.
my workouts are pretty much a five day on two day off split…one week heavy, one week light with higher reps.

i train with my husband, which really helps because he rarely misses a day, and when i’m feeling lazy he really pushes me. the pictures i posted are from the summer…i havent done any “supplements” since then, and probably won’t again until next summer starts to get a little closer. i dont feel that taking anabolics is the easy way out at all…i train my ass off when i’m in the gym, and quite honestly, i dont think i could remain at a competitive level outside of any novice div. if i went in natural. i feel that anabolics in this sport should be used to ENHANCE an already well trained and properly nutritioned physique…NOT to replace some lack of motivation, discipline, etc…
well, i’m off to the gym…they close early on saturdays(damn communists, lol) bye.

What is the reason for the week of higher lighter reps?.Wouldn’t that just halt muscle growth, or are u just trying to keep the size you’ve abtained?.

hi luke, i’m not really sure i believe that one can’t grow with moderate weight as opposed to only heavy weight being able to make you grow. its all about the intensity. take squats for example. i think i couldve attained the leg size i have only squatting with 135lbs. but heres the catch…doing 6 sets of 20-25 reps week after week butt to heels with that would break me mentally i think! lol. i mean…heavy weight to me, is just a faster way to the desired result…FRIED muscle fibers. the problem with alot of folks is to be able to use a lighter given weight for enough reps to destroy the fibers to the same degree that a heavy weight would for say, a set of 3-5 reps, would exhaust their cardiovascular system first…basically their lung will give out before the legs do…see what i mean? i could be dead wrong…but this is what i believe. if youve got the wind for it, the muscles cannot read what the poundages engraved in the pltes say…all they know is what percentage od output you are pushing @ and if you took it to the limit of the muscle…not the limit of your breathing, lol! another example is take these humungous olympic powerlifters. they can squat 800 pounds…but even though their thighs should easily be able to handle 225 for 30-40 reps…they would probably die trying due to respitory failure. anyway…enough rambling, hehehehe! i also change it up weekly b/c i dont think week after week of really heavy weights can be good on my joints either. i dont have any problems yet, knock on wood, but i don’t want any either, ya know? also, some weeks i dont give a hundred percent…its hard to stay at that level of intensity…and @ 5’3" and 147 lbs…i may need to try and rethink my routines anyway…focusing on detail and not on sheer size. now that i’ve texted your head off, lol…thanks for writing!

I know what ya sayin Trish, i just Pound my muscles 5 days a week with reps of about 6.Maybe i should throw in a light week every 4 weeks to take the pressure off my joints.I don’t think i could do one week heavy next light, i’d miss the feeling of being crushed under huge weights!.Thanx Trish.

anytime. :o)


Thanks for your honesty about training, “supps” and your goals. Keep up your great work!

Trish…Keep in mind that you don’t have to justify yourself to anybody here. What you do is you own fucking business. Youy are hot as hell and the nay-sayers appear to be jealous as hell. BTW… I think you have great tits, fake or not.

Hzey Trish,
Honestly, I’ve always thought it’s someone’s personal opinion whether they use gear or not, especially as it really has no chance of affecting others the way oh, I dunno, say alcohol might if you were to hop in a car all liquored up. Most of my friends are totally roided up, in fact, I seem to be the only one who doesn;t, but ya know what, who cares, it’s their decision.

As to the light week, I always kept the notion that anything that is a change from what you’re presently doing will give you some effect. I know I change my exercises every 3 weeks, and at 5’8, all natural, am 190-195 with 16 3/4" arms. Not bad if I do say so myself! (lol) This has to honestly be the one piece of advice I would give anyone. Change is good!

Well Trish for what it’s worth I think you’re a beautiful woman and from your posts you seem like a kind hearted person. So I’d echo the sentiments that you don’t need to justify yourself to the naysayers, haters, and yahoos who have nothing better to do than to spread venom. It sounds like you have a great relationship with your husband and you have worked hard for where you are so more power to you – it’s great to see a success that inspires others, and it’s even better to see that success come from someone who brings alot of class with them.

you guys are sweet, thanks a bunch for taking the time to reply…i appreciate you and your advice. and thanks…but don’t worry about a disgruntled, few…i sure am not…:o) i guess everyone has their reasons for whatever…its all good! and stu, it seems like youre doing really well, with the stats you gave me…what are your goals? how much do u want to weigh etc?

I’d love another 10 lbs or so (lol) but it depends where it goes. My arms and back have always come up well. I have this theory that each person is either back dominant or chest dominant, and it’s pretty rare to see equal strength in both. Anyway, if I could bring up my traps, and upper back I’d be happy as hell… of course it’s easy to ignore the gains you’ve made already when you only focus on what more you could accomplish. When I cut up, I look pretty good, so ideally if I could be at my current weight, but with the definition I sport in the summer I don’t think I could complain about a thing (although I’m sure I would anyway). I think you look great trish, my own girlfriend is totally not into staying in shape (which is odd because she was a dancer), which sometimes makes me feel like a real freak (x-mas eve, we came home and I had to eat 2 cans of tuna before bed-lol) I feel so ‘normal’ around here :slight_smile: