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To all who've had tattoos for a while

hi guys,

I've always wanted a tattoo on my shoulder, and I designed my custom tattoo long time ago.

But I have been waiting and waiting till I get big enough because I didn't want the image to be distorted as I add more LBM.

Now finally I think I am as big as I will ever want to be (I have to take most of clothes to a tailor so they would fit). I plan to train for strength only.

However even when training for strength, I am afraid I will add another 10 lbs over the many years that lie ahead on my lifters way.

So my question is, in your experience, does extra 10 lbs change the tattoo image noticeably? Have your tattos changed at all as you gained more muscle? Thanks to all who replies!!

My bodyweight has ranged from 168 to 218 and I’ve never noticed any difference in the tatoos on my shoulders.

I don’t think it’s an issue. Your tattoo will sort of “distort” from the get-go just because it is laid out across a 3 dimensional surface. What I mean is it will never ever sit perfectly flat anyway.

What I would worry about is finding a truly excellent tattoo artist to do this for you, since you will live with it for your whole life.

Yeah, as I said I have planned to get it for a long time. Reading tatoo magazine designing the image searching for the artist… The first one I will get from Ed Hardy who lives in San Francisco (I live in FL), he is the best in the US in the kind of tattoos that I want.

I met Ed Hardy about 15 years ago, he was a cool guy and he is an amazing artist. Probably the best in the world? Better get on his waiting list right away. I’m sure it is quite long.

I have four tattoos: two on my chest, one on my left bicep, and one on my right shoulder, and I have never noticed any difference regardless of weight (muscle or fat) added or lost.