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To all those who use lifting straps

I’m looking for a pair that fit securely and quickly for use in alternating sets. For example, deadlifts w/ straps and chin-ups w/o straps; or as in one of Staley’s EDT programs, T-bar rows w/ straps and Incline Curls w/o. Are regular straps, ones with hooks or ones with the dowel best (and safest) for this purpose? And is there a brand with hooks that can also be used as normal straps?

Last question: I haven’t seen it recommended to use straps at the end of a set to get a forced rep, or use straps to get an additional set (say, of pull-ups) after the forearms are cooked. Does anyone see reasons for or against these practices?

Thanks, guys.

The ones I use are Outbak (sp?) brand but that may be local to here. They are ex hooks with a single loop and are perfect for changing from used to not used depending on exercise.
As for getting the extra work when forearms cooked, that is why I use them.

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You could enter wearing stocking cap, mirror shades, plaster on face, chains, squat suit, bands hanging from your lifting belt and lifting shoes sans laces. You are the man!

Pleased they worked out fine.

It’s up to you if you want to work grip strenght or not. I only use straps on my last sets that are generally real heavy. I think straps are good but not to be used every set.

I’ve been looking online and APT has this loop version. The strap is one big loop which you put around your wrist and then wrap the other end around the bar so that it comes through the loop and rests

Here’s a picture: http://www.prowriststraps.com/loop_

They seem to offer a quicker set-up than regular straps. Anyone have an opinion?

We use APT’s ultimate straps. They are very durable and comfortable, but probably not what you want for a quick changeover.

Hooks would probably be best for what you have in mind.

We also have two types of hooks, but I could only find one of them online heres a link:


I do not use straps/hooks all the time, but I do not see anything wrong with using them. Patricia and I do so much grip training at our strongman sessions, that there is really no point in training the grip when we deadlift (on maximal effort days anyways).

i wouldnt use them unless absolutely necessary. I would only use them on things where grip was really killing me. the better thing to do would be to get a killer grip.

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Grizzley Fitness. They have a website. A Canadian group. Lots of stuff, but their straps rock. Deads are the only time I use them though.

Run about 25$, but last years. They may not be what your looking for though: not a traditional “strap” (canvas). Rather, a foamy flap that wraps quickly around the bar. Provides wrist support as well, if you choose to use them for pressing movements. Similar to “Versa-Grips,” but with padding.