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To All The Unbelievers


This is an open challenge to all of you unbelievers and scoffers. You have expressed your unbelief in a multitude of ways and in several threads on the subject of the Christian Gospel.

You have rejected and continue to reject God's ONLY WAY OF SALVATION = JESUS CHRIST! . You scoff at those who believe and dare to proclaim God's Truth, while some of you rail on God Himself.

The Challenge: What are YOU [individually] going to do about your SIN?

The Bible says that "...the wages [just payment] for sin is death" -- physical death as well as spiritual death.

So, what are your plans for dealing with your sin, since you reject God's plan.

Please do the following in your answer:

(1) Be very specific -- tell us what, specifically, you can do about your own sin debt.

(2) Talk about only yourself and your beliefs here.

(3) If you don't believe in the Bible, don't use the Bible against itself. That is not logical. If you don't believe in something, then don't use that something in your answer.

(4)Tell the specific authority that you are using -- i.e. cite the source of your beliefs. What are they based upon?

This should be an interesting discussion............


accept this.


Bigger...Stronger...Better ?

Huh Steve ?


oh god damn it, now there are two of you jackwads? the shit has really hit the fan. just for that i'm gonna punch the next "christian" i see,then i'll ask him, where is your god now?



One question for you, is a buddhist a "non believer"? I'm just wondering since historically Buddhism is the worlds most peacefull religion. Do they have to go to this "hell" of yours and burn for eternity?




That's kind of how I've always pictured Zeb/Steve too.


While I certainly respect someone's right to believe in God (as I do), this thread seems a little extreme. Then again, who can forget my 'Jaws of Satan' thread (which the mods pulled)?

Actually, I've been reading Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan of late and it does make me wonder if Christianity is just another method of control, of preventing us from engaging in a 'war of all against all'. The self-sacrifice ethos also bothers me; when I see the people around me, I think: "Would I willingly sacrifice my rational self-interest for these drunks, crackheads, and mindless morons?" Deep in my heart, I know that the answer is a resounding "NO!".

Good thread, Steve, good for 'firing up the troops'!!



No it isn't. It's going to be the same as the other ten threads you fucks have started.

You're leaving the psycho-Christian area now and joining the ranks of troll.

If some Muslim had posted eighteen threads saying why we're all going to burn in hell for not believing like them, I think the Mods would have dropped'em.

T motherfuckin S B


I can answer this for you. Steve will tell you that the BIBLE says the only way is through Jesus Christ. Buddhist monks, although dedicating themselves to a life free from material trappings and solely based on reverence and worship, will burn in eternal hellfire because they didn't pick the right guy like SteveO did


I am going to baptize the streets with the blood of Christian martyrs and proclaim my love to Jeebus Cripes....

Seriously, take your bible banging to a site that is dedicated to this type of thing. You cannot convert or attempt to convert nonbelievers with words. You're gonna have to do it the old fashioned way--force them to see the light and accept Jeebus or die.

Christianity has turned into such a pussy religion--how could I accept it as the true faith? What ever happened to the glory days of the crusades and the inquisition, etc.?

Ha! You evangelists are seriously fuk'd in the head ...


I'll re-iterate what Irish said, and ask you, Steve, what would YOU say to a Muslim who asked the same question of you?



I do have a real problem with the whole "hellfire and brimstone" thing. My problem with some religions is their prolific use guilt and fear to keep the troops in line.

I have a wierd belief, I believe that god loves us all enough to not let us burn in hell for eternity. Things happen for a reason, the bad shit AND the good shit. There is a balance to all things IMHO.


I urge everyone that is as tired of these threads as I am to stop posting in them.

Hopefully they will die down for a while.


Bill Maher believes that religion is the path to insanity.

I am not sure I believe that but you could cherry pick people from each religion and make this statement seem true.


Woman Hit By Lightning While Praying
She said 'Amen' and the room was engulfed in a huge ball of fire. The 65-year-old Brown said she is blessed to be alive.

Struck by the irony....


Wrong! Steevo is only a Christian because of circumstance; as are most Christians--same goes with Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, etc. People don't generally come to a certain faith because it is true--it's mostly because they were born into, too ignorant (uneducated) to think for themselves, or too weak to prevent being forcefully converted (this is the most historically significant means of conversion--thank you Constantine!). We are all victims of circumstance.

Note: I didn't say all people fall into these categories...some people just want to fit in and be accepted and/or need an emotional connection to the unexplainable.


Are you kidding me? This is better than reality televison programing. Plus, it is good to know who all the zealots are.


Asking people for specifics on their sins is neither a political issue nor a world issue. This thread doesn't belong in "Politics and World Issues", it belongs in "Get a Life". Can someone PLEASE stop the flooding of this forum with off-topic threads?


My Grandmother was involved in a serious automobile accident years ago when a 18 wheeler changed lanes without looking and ran her off the road. Days later as family and friends gathered in her hospital room she declared "The Lord was riding with me!" to which a close friend replied,
"I bet he won't make that mistake again!"


Favorite bumpersticker:

"Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you're an asshole."