To All the Strongmen Here

Just wanted to shout out to you guys and thank the regulars here for all the advice you freely give on a day to day basis. I’ve been following the sport itself for nearly a year now so i’m still very new to it and it really is something else. I’ve incorporated it into my own training and it kicks my ass man. You guys really are a different breed.

Mixing sheer cardiovascular and muscular endurance with awesome power and maximal strength- what you guys are capable of really astounds me. Physically and especially mentally.

With that said, I’ve just been wondering if there are people like me who’ve come across this sport and taken an interest in it and just had their mind blown by the abilities of these athletes.
I also want to say another thanks to this section, with help from putting together a routine to equipment advice and particular training methods… it’s great.

Keep doing what you’re doing guys, it’s damn good stuff. No sport like it.

Thanks to those who read this far :slight_smile: Cheers