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To All Suffering ED On TRT

First thing to do is get your estrogen level tested - E2 . Mine was 64 and causing ED - took liquid anastrozole from research chem lab and got it down to 22 . ED dissapeared . Also split injection into 2x weekly . If you need a bit of erection boost Cialis works great too . Good luck , never accept ED CONDITIONS . Keep on screwing and rocking the TRT for a better lifestyle !

How much Testo are you injecting?

How did you also figure out how much anastrazole to take?

Sir T, didn’t you just post a thread three days ago saying you were still having ED issues and that you were considering a re-start?

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Yes , re start post was less than a week ago , I am flattered you remembered too . I am not saying I am cured from ED , just have had fewer bouts of it . I am still dialing in my TRT T cyp dose ( finding best amount to use that works for me ) and counter balancing the anastrozole dose . The point of this thread is to let other TRT people know that TRT induced ED can be combated .

I realize there are many types of ED . I am speaking on the kind that surfaced from TRT programs . ED can be very hard ( no pun ) to deal with . I just want to give my perspective on issue .

I take 125-135mg test cyp per week ( I say 125-135 because with the 3ml syringe it is hard to be accurate ) and 1.25 mg anastrozole per week . Been cruising along for a while on this program .