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To all of you that responded to be about my gf having LD

Well my girlfriend got her test results back. All of you that told me we were blowing things out of proportion were absolutely 100% WRONG! Turns out that she has Lyme’s Disease and Bartonella, which is even more serious. Both of these were caught from the tick bite. So it was a good idea (not blown out of proportion) to start her on antibotics right away because the LD is almost gone already. Better safe than sorry you guys.

Good thing you caught it!

Shit. Now I’ve gotta keep my girlfriend from rolling around in the woods, and groom her for ticks?

Hah, yeah maybe. I mean we did fool around in the woods in the middle of our run. But we don’t really know at what point she got the tick. No joke though, it was in her knuckle, about the size of a dot a pen would make.

I always knew you were right.