To All Members and T-Mag Coaches (concerning job opportunities)....

Hello everyone,

I have a friend who majored in kinesiology up at MUN in Canada. However, there isn’t much opportunity around St. John’s for kinesiology (supposedly). But from reading T-mag, there seems to be some level of sports science research/coaching around Canada (around the major metropolitan centers?) for pro and olympic athletes and such.

To all the coaches and forum members, do you all have any recommendations? Or any advice on how to break into the industry coming out of college? Or where would be the best places to find out about assistant/intern/co-op opportunities working in the fields you all specialize in. Sorry for being so general, but I’m taking a shot in the dark here since this isn’t my major.

Sorry, if this has been addressed in the past, but I’ve never seen such a topic on T-mag before (perhaps I didn’t use the correct keywords in the search) so I was curious as to whether or not something like this has ever been asked (especially since there are people on the forums who might want to break into sports science stuff…)

Thank you in advance for any information you all can provide.


Check out the career center at

Also, you might have some luck with

Thank you very much!