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To all idiot soccer fans

Once again, you morons have proven that soccer is, in fact, not a sport and simply a reason to riot and kidnap people. Looks like there was a huge riot in Russia after they lost to Japan. Apparently, a police officer was killed in the process. Way to go, you idiots.

There is no doubt that soccer hooliganism has reached a critical level, and the fact that people are dying (with some frequency) over soccer games is ridiculous. But it’s not just soccer, dude (although it’s probably the worst). You’re from Denver, right? There were riots in Denver after the 1998 and 1999 Super Bowl’s and the 1996 Stanly Cup (and the Denver teams WON all those). I don’t think anyone died there, but anyone who riots over any sporting event is an utter moron. (I’m not picking on Denver either, there were riots in Edmonton, where I’m from, in the 80’s after winning Stanley cups and drunks even rioted up here on Canada Day last year for absolutely no reason).

Are you sure that they weren’t just fighting over bread as usual?

A soccer game was the cause of a war between Honduras (sp?) and some other country. Yes folks, two countries implemented military action against each other because of the results of a soccer game.

And the same thing doesnt happen here in the states with basketball? Why do you take such ignorant cheapshots

Soccer is a passion Americans will never understand. When all a country has is the hope of it’s soccer team loosing can be fucking painful and these men with no future
go on the rampage. Big deal, let them vent thier anger beacuse if England goes out i’m sure as hell gonna smash a few botttles!
Typical fucking yanks, viewing the world from thier comftable chiars spitting on the world and the cultures/people from lesser privalaged countries. Keep your fucking nose out of what doesn’t concern you and what you dan’t understand (soccer and the rest of the world).

Nothing left to lose? Hmm. If their country wins what exactly will these guys get out of it? Money? Food? Clothing? The right to say, “My country won the soccer game”, that’s it. That’s worth rioting over and killing someone? You’re right. I’m a Yank and I don’t understand supposedly civilized adults getting all out of control over the outcome of a game. You might have to explain that one in a bit more detail before I’ll “get it”.

Dave, I couldn’t agree with you more.I wish we could seal off from the rest of the world and let everyone else just go to hell in a handbasket.However, every time any other nation has a problem they come running to good old Uncle Sam to pull their collective asses out of the fire,only to put us down and turn on us when the going is good.Ingrateful bastards.

Dave it’s a pretty sad state of affairs when a countries’ only hopes are linked to a sporting event. Maybe it’s time to get a life. Please tell us which countries this afflicts so I make sure never to go there. Truly PATHETIC.

Well i am from canada , and i can understand what can happen after a soccer game , i am not saying i am for it , but i understand how it happens when you have grown up and lived and breathed a sport. For example my whole life it has been hockey and i have seen alot of riot’s and brawls break out after hockey games between small town’s. it happens all the time , thing get very passionet when you have grown up with something like that , it becomes that it’s not even a sport anymore it’s all most a war on ice and then off ice after the game.

To Dagenham “would be speaking German if it wasn’t for us” Dave,

First of all, a GAME is NEVER a good reason to riot, cause damage, or kill.

Second, before you start talking about “typical yanks” why don’t you take a look at what we’ve done for England and the rest of the world over the last century.

I’ll admit that our foriegn affairs policies arent the best but before you start bad mouthing us think about what you’re saying. And just so you know, England doesnt have the best reputation in the world either.

Take a long hard look in the mirror before you spout off next time.

Soccer doesn’t cause riots, people do. Why don’t we ban all sports because they cause aggression. And weightlifting can cause injury, lets slag that off aswell. Why don’t be ban it? Shut down all the gyms, it’s dangerous.

Like I said steely eyes you just don’t understand but for you idiots who don’t understand the situation here is a breif overview. Russia is a huge and potentially very powerful country but it’s present economical state is poor and the people are down and depressed. Russia is desperete to show the world improvement and reinstatement to former glorys weather it be through sport or the econemy. The world cup is perhaps the biggest stage to show what the country is made of and to loose to Japan who are second rate would have been painful to swallow. My point is underlined when you hear what the crowd was chanting (forward Russia). It’s a sorry state of affairs for a country at the bottom despreate to start climbing thier way back up. It’s offensive for people to say they are barbarians doing what they did, but when your down and you don’t seen a way out quite frankly you don’t give a shit. Leave off the Russians yanks we are aware you are not carzy about the idea of the ‘commie’ threat rising again beacuse it won’t, don’t piss on these people when there down.

One more point them i’m gone, Russia maybe down but the one thing they do have thats the best is thier national antehm. They have brought back the old Soviet one from the 80s and i’m sure you all remember Rocky 4 and quite frankly it kicks the ass of all other antehms esp. star spangled banner. But i’m willing to bet you won’t even concede that defeat at the hands of the Russians beacuse a commie victory is a victory for evil ain’t that right guys!!

Dave you and Communist Russia can kiss the collective ass of the BEST DAMN NATION IN THE WORLD The USA! Now go FUCK YOURSELF!!!

One more thing Dave, we sure as hell kicked your country’s ass in the Revolutionary War now didn’t we! Up the Irons!!!

You speak well for your country ten, if only your presendent had such a gift as you do for rousing nationalistic speaches then America might get the dumb fucks like you voating. I simply stated why the violence happened in Russia and you come back with 'U.S.A no. 1’the words ‘bollocks fucking of load’ come to mind. I doubt you have the intellegence to work out the anagram either that or your too bust tatooing U.S.A no. 1 on your ass.

Dave I believe that most people here in The States don’t give a rat’s ass about your anagrams. We speak proper english on this side of the Atlantic. Lightandfluffy would give you an F for spelling. You know, when you say bad things about The United States we get pissed off, why, because we are a Proud nation. I suppose everyone wants to take a shot at us because We Are The Greatest Nation on Earth! It’s good to be the King!

Once again it’s just a game. It doesn’t prove anything about the state of a nation, just the relative skills of the individuals on the field that day. It’s not barbaric, it’s just plain stupid. I wish the Russian people well. I don’t want any harm to come to them. I hope they pull themselves up out of the post Cold War pit they find themselves in. It’s not about nations, it’s about people rioting and murdering after a damn game. I don’t care if you “live, breathe, eat, and shit” soccer or any other sport your whole life, losing a game isn’t worth a guy’s life. It’s happened here too and it was equally tragic and stupid then as well. Of course this “my country is better than yours” thing is about as mature as “my dad can kick your dad’s ass” too.

Sports idiots. Try Little League parents. When my son was playing baseball I was continually amazed and disgusted by the parents behavior.