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To all Canadians !!!

I visted Canada for the first time this weekend, and let me say, I was heavily impressed with the people there ! (for the record, I was about 60 miles west of Toronto, in the Cambridge area.) I was left with the impression of Canadian people being extremely hospitable, likeable, and very friendly to all strangers, not just us Americans. I am just completely in awe of the people I came across there !!! I would heavily consider moving there if I could talk the wife into it. Very nice, I?ll definitely have to visit again. By the way, I have a question. We were in burger king there and they were selling ?Poutine?, what the hell is that ? :slight_smile:

Glad you liked us! Remember, there are millions and millions of us, so there’s no “one size fits all” description. I’d be okay with you moving here if you’ll bring a marketable skill! (heh)

Poutine is french fries that are covered with gravy and melted cheese. “Proper” poutine has a certain type of cheese (dunno). Basically they’re 100% yummy and gooey and 100% bad for you.

that poutine sounds nasty !!.. i know there’s assholes everywhere, but it seemed to me that the ratio was a lot better in canada.

Just out of curiosity, what was your impression of Canada b4 you visited?

Anyways, a poutine is basically fries, BBQ sauce and partially melted cheese curds.

crap… i thought it was poontang. I was really excited to take a trip to toronto over xmas break.

I had absolutely no impression of Canada before i visited. america is too busy having its thumb up our ass to show the good or even bad things about canada, but by-god we’ll talk how bad other countries are !!.. maybe if canada sucked, U.S. t.v. would show it more…

Poutine does not have BBQ sauce on it. It is french fries, gravy and mozerella cheese.

I’m from montreal, I think I know what’s in a poutine.

hahahaha… Ok, I just realized that Anglos call it gravy! So I’ll give you that, but you are 100% wrong about the cheese.

I love the hell out of Canada. How exactly would one go about moving there? What’s the immigration story like?

Your women dress like real women, not yuppie whores in Eddie Bauer outdoor wear. I saw so many dresses, skirts, and stockings there that I felt like I was in a bad 80's movie.

Canada sucks. Always has, always will. Don’t delude yourselves here.

I kind of thought that mozzerella wasn’t right after I sent the post. Do you know what kind of cheese? Is it curds?

So French people call gravy BBQ sauce? I did not know that.

To Molsonman: Ya it’s melted cheese curd and I can’t think of a more unhealthy food. Who thought up the idea of combining fries, gravy and cheese. Tastes pretty damn good though. The secret is cooking the fries til their really crisp, so they don’t get soggy.
To Podge: What the hell were you doing in Cambridge? There’s not much going on in that little town. It’s kind of a dump, although surrounded by some nice countryside. I live 15 min. east of Cambridge. To tell you the truth, I don’t notice a whole lot of difference between Canadians and Americans. I’ll get flamed for this, buy I think the average Canadian is a little more educated and a lot more aware of the world around them, than the average American. Canadians are a little more reserved than Americans. I have found American women easier going than Canadian women and Americans know how to celebrate holidays much more so than Canadians. I have always found Americans to be just as friendly and hospitable as Canadians. This is all just my personal opinion and observations though.

I think us Americans aren’t so well aware because of our stupid fucking media. If we didn’t have hyped, brain washing, actors on TV we might be a little more enlightened. But the US rocks! :slight_smile: Canada does too. I really hate how so many fine young women are really messed up by media, specifically fashion and pop culture. I guess the young men are too, but it seems to be hurting the women more. Anyone out there agree with that?

my wife has 3 kick ass jack russell terriers. we were there for the Canadian National jack russell dog show thing. we ended up with 3 1st place, and 3 second place ribbons. if i’d known better, i could’ve met up with you and brought you some mag-10.

hahaha. okok. I’ve backtracked enough on this thread already. So let me try to clear some of the poutine confusion [if anyone gives a f*** haha].

Yes! The cheese is curds

Nobody knows exactly what the heck that sauce is, but its commonly called ;‘Sauce barbecue’ , ‘Sauce brune’ [literally brown sauce], Sauce Hot chicken [really french haha]and Sauce St-Hubert by francophones.

Anyways, I’m off this thread haha :slight_smile:

Thanks for the words PODGE. Come visit anytime. We like our big cousins to the south. After look at where this site originated, ah yes the land of BIOTEST. BTW if flying to T.O., if any of you guys or gals mark you bags with some kind of T-Mag info I’ll make damn sure they’ll get priority handling if I see them.

Sounds a lot like “chili cheese fries”. Sounds tasty.

Ya, I would have loved to have come out to see your 3 minature pitbulls. (that’s how I refer to JRT’s) I didn’t even know there was an event going on in Cambridge. We just adopted out a JRT pup we rescued last year. He was a beautiful little boy. I would have kept him if we didn’t already have four dogs. At one point last year we had 3 pit bulls, a rottie/pit cross, a rottie/dane cross, two aussie cattle dogs, and the JRT pup. Talk about a house full. Let me know next time your in the area and we’ll hook up. Oh yah, the sauce on poutine is chicken gravy, beef gravy is not acceptable for poutine, as far as french Canadians are concerned.

Thanks Podge. Funny I usually say the same thing when I’m in the US. :slight_smile: