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To all Army Rangers

I need some advice. If this country goes into a full blown war, then I have decided that I will enlist into the Army, and since I don’t half ass anything, I’ve decided to join the Rangers when I do. So here is where I need advice from those who are one, or just got out. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give someone before they go off to boot camp to help them get prepared for both boot camp and Ranger school.
Thank you

I dont know about rangers, but the Seal website gives, minimums to qualify to try to become a seal, and a break down of the work, and even a pre-seal training program. You can find it linked from teh navy site (if i remember correctly) Good luck, D

Hey, not a Ranger, nor want to be one (SEALs for me), but you might try http://www.socnetcentral.com/, I’m sure you figure out which links to take from there. But its an awesome forum, lots of BTDTs (been there, done that) on there that can answer your questions. Hope that helps man, and good luck. From another future Spec Ops guy.

Forget about putting on mass for now. Limit weightlifting to a Pavel Ptp style program (short, to the point, avoiding sorenss). You’ll need all your energy to focus on pushups, situps, pullups, running. Be smart, drop all notions of bodybuilding. Forget curls, rear delts and serratus anterior exercises. Make sure you get a ranger contract. I’m in the process of enlisting now and will be getting a ranger contract. It guarantees that as long as you pass all the requirements you’ll be sent to airborne, and ranger school. When going through MEPS you’ll need to pass an airborne physical. This is not normally done, so make certain that your recruiter has all the paperwork done before you get your physical.

Bro, go here: http://www.goarmy.com/job/branch/sorc/

Rangers kick ass (as do all our spec ops).

Um, in addition to my previous post, I’d like to say that searching for this info should be impossible. There is too much info out there and made readily available to any group of nuts that want to do stupid shit.


You will not actually go through Ranger school until you have been in Bat (Ranger Battalion) for about 6-9 months. Therefore, all you have to worry about is getting through basic, airborne school (a cake walk) and RIP (Ranger Indoc Program) my understanding is that RIP is the hardest of all of these. It is also done last. BTW, I am not a Ranger, but rather a member of US Army Special Ops, Psychological Warfare Branch. After running with all the services, in training missions, I would say avoid the Rangers, unless you want to be killed. Instead, look into the Air Force Pararescue or Combat Controllers. Or, if we do go to a full Spec Ops mobilization, there MIGHT (5% chance) that you could enter SF training off your initial enlistment.

I was getting ready to go active duty and ranger school when I got hurt while training out in Ft. Irwin. Think endurance. Think push-up endurance, pull-up endurance, sit-up endurance, running endurance, marching endurance, ruck run endurance, and grinding your nuts into the ground endurance. You see, they do not want large individuals, they want indivuduals that can carry a boat load of shit, kill peolple, and then outrun those that they didn’t get. Most people that succeed are between 5’8" and 6’2" and weigh somewhere between 150 and 200. Not very heavy. Remember they do a lot of running. Get an Army or Marine fitness book and follow it all the way through. That should work if you can take it.

As a former combat veteran and helo pilot for the insertion and extraction arm of the SEALS, the Sea Wolves, the best advice I can give you is to stay lean and hard. Heavy guys don’t make it. Second, be prepared to give up your individuality. ONLY the team counts. You do NOT count. If you can’t accept that, save yourself the humiliation of washing out.

I’m not nor have I been an Army Ranger, but, like ebbertt (a getfitnow pal), I’m currently looking to enlist in the Navy and eventually make my way into Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training (BUD/S). All the replies so far are right on, it’s all about endurance. I used to follow more of a bodybuilding approach however, the past six months I’ve been all about running, running, swimming, swimming, and PT. My advice: research all your options as far as working out but also research your options concerning the military (i.e. enlistment process, etc.).

jrocha- Good to see a fellow getfitnow-er on this board. What nick do you post under on the gitfitnow site? The one you use on here doesn’t ring a bell. Good luck, it’ll be a few years before I sign up (in college now, hopefully USNA next year).

Key Points in getting Ready for Ranger School:

  1. Learn your basic military skills: You have to been able to do they to perfection on no sleep. Practice writing warming orders and operations orders in your sleep. If you can get a hold of a student grading sheet do so and exceed the standards. practice…practice …practice.
  1. Start hiking. Running is great, but walking long distances with a heavy rucksack is totally different. Start light and work heavy. I filled mine with gravel and walked 3 and 6 miles a day over rough terrain. Keep running too, you must complete the daily runs during city phase.
  2. Two phase strenght program. Stage One - build as much strenght as possible (simple program). Stage Two - Try the German Body Composition Program after the Melt down Program to build musclar endurance.
  3. Practice Land Navigation as often as possible (you must know where you are at all times).
  4. Take a judo course.
  5. Start Double timing where ever you go.
  6. Enter the course as fat as you can. They reduce calories for all students to additional stress them, so it helps to bring somr of your own.
  7. Great two or three pairs of boots and really break them in. My class lost 25 to bad boots. Take care of your feet, they carry you everywhere.
  8. Be the RTO (Radio Telephone Operator) on every patrol. That way you know what is going on! Also it is easier to carry a radio than some of the other equipment.
  9. Get a RANGER handbook and learn it. You will be quized. What is the Ranger Moto " Rangers Lead the Way"! What is the Ranger Credo…etc.
  10. Best of luck. I had to go twice cause I got injured in the POW camp. They was nice to Ms. Moore in GI Jane.

ebertt: good to see you too. I post under the name pescimove over at the other place.