To ab or not to ab?

Here’s the deal, i don’t do many if any isolation exercises in my workouts. Progress has been great this way and why change things that are working, right? So my question is will anything happen to my abs if i do not train them directly?

My workouts consist of

Bench press
Barbell Rows

Calf raise(s)

Calf raise(s)

Chin ups and pull ups
Shoulder press

Am i even getting any ab work? I really dont care for abs that much but if it’s going to hinder my progress ill start doing something. Thanks - Joe

have you ever heard of compound movements working your abs?

I dont get it, are those 4 different days? One workout consists of deadlifting and calf press?

4 different days, and no i haven’t that’s why i was asking. If i knew i wouldn’t have asked, doh.


I see Chin-ups and Pull-ups on your list, good man!

Whenever you do a Chin-up or a Pull-up you are also working your abs. Not many people realize this. When you are up on the bar you hold your knees up (no swinging) and your abs get a decent workout. Grip, Lats, Biceps, abs. Can’t beat those Chin-ups!

One more reason to skip the pulldowns in favor of a mans exercise!

Your abs will be worked indirectly on many drills. however, why not through in some turkish get ups, side bends, or windmills to really strengthen up the misection?

Mike Mahler

ahh, my favorite split of all time. glad to see you like it. im curious are you doing traditional bent leg deads or rdl’s?

i dont do any ab work. if its cutting season and i want to add a bit to them ill pick some of the exercises from ct’s ab program, and perform a few circuits.

My deads are sumo’s, this split if rediculous. works so well.

Actually, I sometimes junk the military press in turn for bent/side presses. Hits my abs nicely and has definitely added to my overall strength. However, I think I’m misguided with thinking the bent/side press counts as a vertical push.

The squats and deadlifts will be good for your core strength all together, but you still should include some core work. There is a good article that I recently found again that explains all of the core muscles and how to train them to get complete development. Good luck!