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TNUT's Time to Train!


So long story short i joined the army as infantry and got unfit, fat and lacking alot of motivation... Hopefully logging my workouts on here will change that!
My main goal is to get under 10% body fat (im currently on 21%)

The Plan:

Monday: upperbody bodyweight circuit 1 pullups, 3 pushups, 2 dips,
2 pullups, 6 pushups, 4 dips,
3 pullups, 9 pushups, 6 dips,

ill do this as fast as possible until i get to 10 pullups, 30 pushups, 20 dips
Then an ab circuit for about 5minutes then i work my way back down for a total of 105 pullups, 330 pushups and 220 dips.

Tuesday: Chest - 4x6 Floor Press
3x8 DB press
2x15 Cable flys
10min ab circuit

Wednesday: Legs endurance 1x20 squat
Circuit x 5 - Farmers walk (as far as possible with 2x20litre water jerries)
50meter sprint
50meters walking lunges
1minute body weight squats

Thursday: Back - 4x6 Rack pulls
3x8 BB rows
2x15 Seated rows

Friday: upperbody endurance - 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 100 handstand pushups

On all days i also do an hour PT session with my section it is usually either a run, pack march or pool session.
Diet is pretty bad aswell at the moment due to not having a kitchen or even a fridge should only be for the next couple of weeks then ill have a kitchen and the diet will be back on track...


Made it through the upperbody circuit this afternoon in 39 minutes and then did a 2.4km webbing run (approx 15kg) in 11.30 so not a bad day looking forward to hitting the gym tomorrow will be the first time ive had access to a gym in some time


As a fellow military man (for now), welcome. Looking forward to seeing your progress.


This morning did not go to plan due to an overcrowded gym i was unable to get the workout i had planned done!

Chest: 6x4 Benchpress 70kg
3x8 Incline DB press 25kg

Gym got to busy and I got sick of waiting for equipment so will do some more this afternoon.
Breakfast was high protein muesli and had 2 tins of tuna post workout


doing well so far...

yesterday did a sprint circuit in the morning then gym in the arvo for a back workout:
deadlift 4x6 70kg
db rows 3x8 25kg
supported seated row 3x10 100kg

today was a 2.4km run in the morning and a mac push up test I got 73 but was incredibly sore from the last few days so going to get more next time, I did shoulders this afternoon: push press 4x6 40kg
seated front raises 3x10 10kg
cable side raises 3x12 5kg


No internet this week so just what i can remember doing this week:

Monday consisted of a 12km run up heartbreak hill in 1hr5m then 5 pullups and 15 pushups every minute for 20 min total of 100 pullups 250 pushups

Tuesday: pool/bodyweight circuit in the morning then moved house in afternoon...

Wednesday: 3.2km webbing(7kg) run in 15.58 and tireflips nonstop for 30min afternoon chest workout - Bench press 4x6 70kg, DB floor press 3x10 27.5kg, Cable fly's 12.5kg, pushups 2xMax

Thursday: Game of rugby in the morning afternoon was back - Deadlift 4x3 100kg, Lat pulldown 3x12 50kg, Pullups 2x Max (each set involved max reps of overhand wide grip, overhand close grip, underhand wide grip, underhand close grip.

Friday: Upper body circuit - 1 pullup 3 pushups 2 dips - 2 pullups 6 pushups 2 dips.... - 10 pullups 30 pushups 20 dips then back down


The week so far...

Sunday i was bored so trained shoulders and triceps cant remember what i did but was a great workout!!!

Monday: 13.2km run in 1h20min then pullup/pushup cicuit total of 100 pullups and 200 pushups

Tuesday: sprint circuit in the morning, chest in the afternoon - Decline bench 4x6 90kg, DB press 3x8 30kg,
Cable fly's 2x12 22.5 kg, Chest press (machine) 4x8 55kg, pushups 4xMax

Wednesday: Legs - Squats 4x6 90kg, Reverse DB lunges 3x8 27.5kg, Straight leg deadlift 3x8 70kg, bodyweight squat/lunge cicuit 10min no breaks as many as possible.


Did a 5km run on wednesday afternoon,

Thursday was sports day on base.

Friday: Back/Bi's - Weighted pullups 3x10 10kg, seated row 4x8 55kg, Lat pulldown 2x max dropsets starting at 60kg working down to 30kg, supported curls 4x6 40kg, Seated Incline DB curls 3x10 7.5kg, 20min Ab circuit


Saturday: Chest/shoulders
Bench press 6x70kg
4x90kg (PR)

Incline DB press 10x27.5
9 x27.5

Chest press (machine) 8x55kg

Cable fly's 10x22.5kg
9 x22.5kg

Push press 6x40kg

Shoulder press (machine) 8x44.5kg

Various ab exercises/circuits for about 30min

Felt fantastic during this workout have never had some much energy and managed to get the wieght up a fair bit on most exercises.

Sunday: upperbody/Boxing circuit for about an hour no real plan just made it up as i went, good session though!