TnT's Forward Momentum!

Thanks, Chong! I had a little help with the title :wink:

BTW - what the heck is a ChongLordUno?!

Thanks Spock, so am I! Glad to have you aboard :slight_smile:

Thanks Duke! Glad you’re here.

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I’m happy to have you following along, Mr. Sleeper. I can empathize with your current training demotivation. It took an inadvertent kick in the pants from @losthog to remind me training matters and get back to it.

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My pleasure, Officer Maier! We can commiserate (read: piss and moan) over surgeries, squat limitations, and our lost youths :joy:


Mr. Hog, you said it exactly - blessed. Thanks for that, it encouraged me in a way I didn’t know I needed. Glad to have you here!

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Thanks Dante, and welcome!

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I’m starting to feel like this might happen sooner rather than later for me. I’m falling apart!


I know you’ve had a hip reconstruction, but I don’t know the details. Along with squat depth, is it giving you other problems? I lost a half inch of length to my leg, so I have to compensate for the diacrepancy and be continuously aware of bad compensation patterns to my other joints, like hips and lower back.

I had a torn hip labrum repaired and some bone removed from my femur last December. I had impingement and the extra bone was rubbing on the labrum. It wasn’t as bad as a replacement but it’s giving me trouble again. I feel the same pain in some movements and new pain on others. I’ve been dealing with it since early July.

My right shoulder has been getting loose over time and I’ve been dealing with a bit of biceps tendonitis since May or June. It popped yesterday and I’m really hurting today. I might be headed been to my shoulder surgeon soon. On the plus side he’s in the same office as my hip surgeon!

It’s a play on words so to speak

I used to share a flat with a guy and we used to smoke copious amounts of weed

We used to say daft shit like ‘Lords of Chong’ while blazing

So Lord of Chong became

Chong Lord

Of which there was one

Which became



In for awesome thread reads.

Also in because your log is inspirational

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Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2018

NEPA (non-exercise physical activity)

  • 1 hour raking, shoveling, wheelbarrowing

I read about your should popping in your log; how’s it feeling now, and have you learned what happened? I can empathize with shoulder woes; four men on my dad’s side of the family have had a combined 16 shoulder surgeries, and I have to be careful with mine, too. Barbell bench presses are mostly a thing of my past.

I know it’s anathema for you, but have you considered a hiatus from the lifts you know make you hurt? Look at how careful @losthog was when he injured his hammy last spring, and how beneficial his caution proved. In the long run, he’s come back stronger and able to make better gains.

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And you’re Scottish, right? So you’re, like, the Highlander of weed?

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Thanks @planetcybertron! Glad to have you aboard. I find your commitment to squats and open, honest communication refreshing.

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Was mate. Was :joy::joy:


I have considered a hiatus and I’m kind of some “soul searching” in terms of weight training right now. I’m kind of in a negative place mentally.

My shoulder is getting better every day. I think I shared the Ben Bruno article in my log last night and it has my wheels turning.

@losthog did great with his hamstring but muscle strains are a bit different than my problems. My hip problems are in the joint. My shoulder problem has been biceps tendinitis off and on for a couple years. I know how to rest a muscle but it’s tough to rest a joint without being immobilized.

I’ll post more in my log about my brainstorming.


Friday, Oct. 19, 2018

Ruck march

  • 20-pound pack, 45:00, approx. 3 miles, mixed paved/dirt and flat/hills

The Highlander ended himself? How meta :joy:

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