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TNT Diet Query

Anyone heard of this?

Basically its timed nutrition for fat loss/muscle gain.

As I have more than 20lbs to lose it would plan for me to eat low carb/high fat/high protein.

Its a few years old i think but what with all the information on pre and peri workout nutrition lately would you say to always have carbs at workout time (like Surge Recovery for example?)

Any thoughts/help appreciated.


It’s a TKD, nothing new there. (Targeted Ketogenic Diet). Fat loss and muscle gain…if everyone could have their cake and eat it to.

You’re a level 4 and have been a member since 2004? Sounds like you need to read some articles on fat loss. Start with learning the thermodynamic equation and how calorie balance affects fat loss. The low-carb craze isn’t the magic bullet.

Well i don’t know about that phatkins :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: just messing. you know I’m a fan of 'em, but I definitely don’t sit in a keto state too long. carbs are certainly a powerful tool.

I remember going through the book a few times a couple years back, and the workout drink is allotted on different plans. Which plan are you on? It really depends on your goals according to the book, but the verdict on post workout nutrition has been out for a while, and I think even on a low carb diet it would be helpful to have carbs post-workout.

Thanks man - thats what i thought regarding carbs at training time.

I’m not on the diet - was reading through it - kind of a mixed bag of different diets from an Atkins type for those with most to lose then gaining more carbs as you lose weight.

Not a magic bullet no but I can feel pretty rough after having carbs but then its my fault for not using either portion control or keeping a note of what way things affect me - I’ve been lazy in this regard.

Gonna clean up the diet based around meat,veg,certain fruits and healthy fats. Getting healthy at the minute is my main priority but i know there will be fat loss whilst doing this.

Thanks for the responses - seems to be a lot of low carb related q’s at the minute.

The only magic bullet I like is this, but low-carb patterns do a lot of good hormonally/health wise.