Anyone here tried TNT-350(Trenenth-100mg/TestE-250mg)??

If so how did you like it? I’m trying to plan out my next cycle and have the option of getting this stuff. Ive always wanted to try out some tren. I would be shooting 3ml’s a week.

I personally like tren quite a bit. Others tend to despise the product.
Id personally suggest that you encorporate some tren ace into a cycle so you can decide if the effects are right for you. That way if you arent fond of the effects it will clear your system rather quickly.
Other than that the ratio of tren to test seems to be off. However I have no real experience with tren enathate so others may be able to help more regarding the ratio.

Yea people tend to tell me to try out tren ace first off, but its not aval right now.

Stats are 6’3 225 8%

Ive heard to many good things about tren, so I figure I’ll give it a shot, but people are telling me this ratio is a little off, but my supplier only sells Tren at 100mg/ml. Is that typical?
Also do you guys think I should start off slow with the tren? Ive read a cuple thread where guys are saying only do 100mg your first time. What’s gonna happen if I do a 10 week cycle with this TNT, at 3ml’s a week then taper off with 4 weeks of Test E @ 500mgs, a week.
Thanks for the help!!
PS. Dont flame me if I’m totally off course I’m just starting to plan out this cycle so any help would be great!

Tren ace typically comes in 75 or 100mg/ml. Tren enathate in 150 or 200mg/ml. Mind you this is just what ive seen recently and can really be brewed at many different strengths by all the different UG labs.

The 100mg that you are hearing of would likley be for the tren ace EOD.
Your dosing protocol sounds good given the products that you have. Split that does up into 1.5cc twice per week.

Id also run some adex with this cycle at around .5mg EOD and taper that down in your last 4 test only weeks as well.

What are you plans for pct? btw… how did ya like the first snowfall of the year? hehe

Yea thats pretty much overall what my plan was. 2 injections per week at 1.5ml’s. Thats gonna be easy compared to my current Test/Deca cycle of 2ml’s per shot. Im stoked for this cycle!

PCT(week 15-20)
Novla- Tapereddown from 40mg week 15-20
HCG - 500iu from week 15-18
Aromasin - 25mg week 15-20

This would be the second snowfall for me so far haha, Im from Calgary, you?

I think you mean pct weeks 17-20 as you wont start that till two weeks after your last test shot.
HCG if I were to use it would be 250iu EOD wk 17-18. The aromasin ive never tried or really needed so I cant really comment on that as I dont know enough about it.
Red Deer btw.

Hey, I finished a TNT350 cycle about 4 months ago. Im actually going on again this week.

My last cycle was
Ana-tech tnt-350 x 3 10ml bottles
(250ml E-test and 100mg E-tren)
(2 bottles of tren Acetate)
(100x25ml winny tabs) 5 weeks
all ana-tech stuff.
whole cycle 3 months.

This time around my cycle is going to look like this.

Month 1
TNT350 2x a Week 1cc, every 4 days
Test Prop Every other day 100ml

Month 2
TNT350 2x a Week 1cc, every 4 days
Test Enth 2x a week

Month 3
TNT350 2x a Week
Tren-A every other day
Winny-5 weeks
clen-5 weeks

Month 4
prob start Nolva about 7-10 days after the last TNT shot

The TNT works great. Makes your sweat smell like balls though.