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TNG Deadlift vs Deadstop

If i’m training for strength to lift heavy, is there a better one for strength or does it not matter. I’ve been doing tng all this time

If you touch n go you’re getting help from the bounce. There’s also more risk of injury.

Do one rep then when the bar stops on the floor reset if you need to then do the next rep and repeat.

If performed poorly, yes. You should ideally lightly tap, not bounce. Like how this guy does it

For the question, I got much stronger switching from dead stop to primarily touch and go.


Are you strong off the floor? If that is the easy part for you, then TNG might work well. If off the floor is your weak point, then stick with dead stop deadlifts

Definitely TNG on deadlifts. The controlled eccentric will pay off big time compared to treating each as a single.

Ok then i’ll stick with tng and make sure i’m not bouncing it

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It really does not matter as long as you’ll do them safely.


Does it have a carryover to your 1 RM?
What are the benefits?

I am curious

I went from a 1rm of 540lbs to 650lbs employing only touch and go deadlifts.


Are you a strongman?
That’s insane lol

I am, yeah. That’s a photo of me deadlifting a car at my last competition in my avatar.

For deadstop I breathe and brace at the bottom between each rep.

When do you do this for TnG? One big breath for a few reps, then reset breath at the top?

That’s what I do. I try for as many reps as possible in one breath.

Idk why but I keep watching that video of jim deadlifting. It’s very mesmerizing


Which video are you talking about? Mind if you post a link? I don’t think I’ve seen him lift yet come to think of it

The one in this very thread.

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Oh shit. Didn’t realize that was Jim. Congratulations to me, I’ve made a fool of myself. Lol. Thanks man.

TNG for me. I think the control on the negative is more beneficial. If you’re peaking then maybe dead stop as you’re trying to build maximal strength and technique. If you’re doing volume work trying to build muscle then imo tng is the way to go.