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Hey guys!

From my previous thread here; http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_beginner/what_would_you_do_in_my_situation_1?id=2799729&pageNo=0

I have read the advice given to me and put it to good use. I’ve started today 23/02/2009 on Chad Waterburys “Total Body Training” as seen here; http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/totalbody_training

My workout consists of;

*Incline bench presses - Chest
*Pull-ups with pronated grips -Back
*Seated military presses utilizing pronated grips - Deltoids
*Front squats

Above is on the “Normal” weeks… on the Antagonist weeks I’ll be doing;

Chest & Back
Biceps & Triceps
Quads & Hamstring

“Back-to-back on each set”.


As the article says, I’ll be doing the above excercises at each workout, following the parameters given and rotating the excercises so i’m not always starting and ending with the same excercise.

I’ve also begun to eat more ‘cleaner’ as you guys over here would say - I’m eating at times of; 7AM / 10:30AM / 1PM / 4:30PM / 7PM

I’ve decided that due to my schedule I will have (probably what everyone has lol)

  • A protein shake (25G serving for ~ 20G Protein / 100 Calories) as my ‘Snack’. (Total of 2)
  • 3 Meals as Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

As examples of Breakfast what I’ve got available for me to have is;

As examples of Lunch what I’ve got available for me to have is;
*Cheddar Cheese
*Chicken Slices (in a pack)

As examples of Dinner what I’ve got avialable for me to have is;
*Plain Chicken Breast
*Vegetables (Carrots/Brocolli/Sweetcorn)
*Pitta Bread

Could anyone suggest what may be ‘okay’ and ‘clean’ for me to eat out of what I have available? Or suggest some basic food combinations - dont have a great deal of ££ to be spending!

I hope it is okay to log my progress here, if not could a mod kindly move it to the appropriate section. I just want to log it to receive some feedback and also as a form of commitment and tracking for myself. :slight_smile:

Thank you

Today I did the following;

Week 1 - Sets:3 / Reps:5 / Rest: 60Sec

Chest | 35KG
Back | 34KG (Assisted PullUp - I’m 74KG/163lbs)
Deltoids | 32.5
Quads | 32.5KG
Biceps | 32KG
Triceps | 25KG

All went well, straight after (PostWorkout) had 200ml of water with 25G serving of Whey Protein Unflavoured (20G Protein/100 Calories)