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TNation Appreciation


Just wanted to thank everyone for making this site a pleasant place to be. The forum is laid out in an intelligent fashion, everything is out in the open, and there isn’t a rep system that promotes disharmony among fellow members, we’re all viewed as equals and judged strictly by our posts but we are still able to show our appreciation to each other with a simple “like”. It keeps things honest which is something that I think is important and why I think it sets this forum apart from others. They all have some good features but this forum is unique in a good way.



Details like the Likes/no-rep system or whatever are way secondary. Members, the info they share, and the discussions they create, are what make the forum.


Also have received helpful advice from ppl who know what they are talking about, from ppl with great physiques and videos, living proof that they know what’s up.


Thank you t nation for being my friend!!!