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TMUSCLE T-Shirts: Spread the Word


wow, just got my shirts in i must say the large is a little snug but dammmmmm i look good
ha ha ha ha ha better than CT in the video lolololol
gotta love it spread the word get a shirt


pics or it didn't happen... but really I'm looking to get a shirt and I'm not where near CT but I was wondering how big you are so I could try to gauge if I need a M or a L


im 5'6" 210 lbs i would guess if your 185-210 a large will fit good
and snug


ok here is the red
well maybe not better than CT ha ha ha ha


Same hair cut though. I'll stick with my rule, order a size larger than I wear XXL it will be.


damn, i can't wait to gain at least 20lbs before i am allowed to wear one of these shirts


bought two, one of each color. Didn't shrink at all after 5 or 6 washings. I'm 6'5" tall and hover around 240 pounds. I bought XL's, fit great......awesome!!


Can someone provide a link to the t-shirts? I looked under "Tmuscle Store" and then "Gear" but it only shows supplements there. I don't see the t-shirts anywhere.


You might've accidentally clicked Full Supplement List, instead of Gear.

You should be able to see the two new types of t-shirts in the Gear section (two large videos should be on the page) or you should be able to see the shirts at the top of the main Store page.


If you still can't see them, let me know.


Still can't see anything. I see the supplements, but not any clothes. I even highlighted "Gear" and tried to "Open In New Window," but that came up blank.


im in the same boat! cant find a link to the shirts and I NEED ONE! the link above goes to supplements only, clicking on the GEAR only brings back the same page 'supplements'.

Mod-Can you help us out here?


Those of you that cannot see the Gear section: What browser are you running? And what happens when you click this link?



They are also second and third under the New Products section here:



Got mine in.

If you're arms are 18 inches or above, XXL is gonna be somewhat snug on them

Guys like waylander and X are gonna need an XXXL or even an XXXXL

The length is about right (I'm 6ft ) but if they shrink vertically much they'll almost be too short.

Overall though, fit great, seem to have a more physique-friendly cut to them as opposed to being overly baggy.


Actually the black XXL one seems a little bit longer (so many jokes.)

Fits perfectly. Good stuff!


Got my Testosterone one today. Looks and feels great, and couldn't have asked for a better price.


Still can't see them, even with the new links. I see the supplments, starting with Alpha-GPC and ending with ZMA. When I click on "Gear" nothing happens. I am running Explorer.

I will try Mozilla Firefox, maybe that will work.

Sorry to obsess, but I was just thinking I need new t-shirts.



How is the xl a great fit for u at 6'5 ? Im 6'4 and i have to buy t-shirts XXXL just so it covers the length.If i wear a xl or even some XXL when i lift my arm the t-shirt rides half way up my torso.


I am having the same problem. Any help?


Yes, please try Firefox and let me know.

None of our team can reproduce the issue you are seeing, even in IE. But we will continue to look.