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TMuscle Supplements Safe to Go Through Customs?

hello, I live in australia and i am wondering if any of these items will be stopped and taken by customs

Z-12 Deep, Refreshing, Restful Sleep Formula 80 capsules
Biotest Superfood - 140 g (28 servings)
Flameout Inflammation Scavenger, 90 softgels
Surge Post-Workout Recovery Drink, 16 servings
NALGENE Labware Bottle - 2,000 mL
Grow! Bioactive Whey Protein, 2 lb Flavor: Vanilla
TMUSCLE T-shirt Color: Red Size: M
Micronized German Creatine, 500 g

Only ordering 2 or 3 of most things, to grab the discount

I know Flameout should be fine since i just got mine 2days ago. Just watch out for the HOT-ROX i got mine from the uk but heard of a couple of people that didn’t get them through customs

I think they seize the Nalgene Bottle, sorry bud.

I bet they take the t-shirt


Superfood, Grow! Whey, Surge and your shirt are fine to go through, HOT-ROX wont get let in.
dnt know about the bottle or Z-12.

just be prepared for customs to put a clearance delay on them while they get the ingrediant list from Biotest. usually 2 days.