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Tmuscle Shirts Better than Supps for Strength?


After receiving many compliments throughout the day on my Tmuscle shirt (red), I wore it in the gym and had one of the best days lifting I've had in years. All of the females kept checkin me out and I felt like was like I was under a microscope (which was fine by me).

When I saw the dude next to me had another Team shirt on, I felt obligated to bury him right there. That was all I was really focusing on b/c he was about 20-30 lbs bigger than me and I'm 3 months out of surgery (labrum). I wasn't sure if it was possible.

Anyway, I crushed em and I'm still amazed the amount of weight I moved. I had Anaconda flowing through me, but I credit the shirt for the W.

I was so happy I skipped the shower and wore it home drenched in sweat.

My new Superman shirt.


Honestly, as weird as it might sound, I always hit higher rep ranges when people are watching or I know that there are hot girls looking over my way. It functions as a weird form of motivation for me.


Exactly, and they were groovin on the shirt hardcore. I must've had 10-20 compliments on it today.

I'm going to order all 4 now.

I know this isn't going anywhere and it's just a FYI. I guess it's one of those days.


Good, now work your way up to a medium size shirt

lol <3


I like people to watch too.

You get hyped up when you have an audience.

Kinda like sex...

Clothing wise ? eh...I wear what I feel like, if your a big guy you can wear whatever and its obvious your jacked, a full tux couldn't hide it.

But a good T-shirt is always a familiar standby, I have my good ole "squat" shirt that fits just right and doesn't pinch my arm pits.


Lot of truth to the psychological effects of our surroundings on our athletic performance. As silly as it sounds, your training attire will have an effect. I'm certainly not the 'look at me!' type, but when I'm training and I can see the muscles all engorged with veins popping in the mirror, I dig a little deeper, usually trying to push myself further away from the herd.



Exactly. Definitely has some primal roots.


My clothing definitely affects my performance. When I'm doing an arm day I have to wear a wifebeater, for some reason if I'm wearing a tshirt and don't see my bi's and tri's "working" it just doesn't feel like I'm hitting em hard enough. But throw a tank top on and I get all motivated watching the veins bulge and my arms flexing covered in sweat, I begin to push myself harder.

The weird thing is on squat days I prefer to wear a loose T or sweater. For some reason I feel like for legs I just need to focus on the lift and PUSH! Take all the mirrors and Bullshit away and leave me alone to my squat rack.

Really funny how the mind works.


Just a good ol' white Hanes Tee shirt does it for me.


I love that this is in the Sups ad Nutrition forum


Well there's no specific forum forum discussion of apparel,.. sorry.



I demand an apparel forum where muscly men can talk about their shoe collections, tight shirts, and exotic underwear...


Specifically, a supplement is defined as a component that is added to complete a task, make up for a deficiency, or extend or strengthen the whole, thus clothing and apparel clearly qualifies in the case of lifting and strength training. The fact that one can experience a mental boost from his or her appearance (as defined by their clothing) only further underscores this point.


Thank you Stu. He must've missed the thread title.

Now I have all 4 TMUSCLE shirts. I can't wait for school to start back up next week so I can sport em like a champ.

These shirts are so badass. To fellas up front, please extend the clothing line.


I bought two TMUSCLE shirts, and I love the athletic fit. The red ones my favorite. I literally alternate between those two and one other I have.


Hell Yeah on the red. The red looks badass over long sleeve black under armor or just by itself. For 12.50, it's the best deal out there hands down.


haha TMuscle shirts do to T-Nationers what the q bracelet does to old people!

I wish they would sell Thibs Hulk shirt on this site...I can't find it anywhere


On the tight shirts point, I also demand a thread over the outrage that Baby Gap refuses to let me try on clothes and often gives me weird looks when I ask. They are very ageist there, please boycott Baby Gap for your tight shirt shopping.


Once you are big enough, a guy just shows up and gives you one.


Yeah, I mean its pretty cool that this is implied in this thread. I think the internet made my comment come off as more condescending than it should have. But now I sound like a bckpedaling vag...