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I would love for this to happen. I've recently discovered TheFitCast hosted by Kevin Larrabee as well as In The Trenches with Mike Robertson. I thoroughly enjoy listening to these podcast that focus on fitness and nutrition. How about TMUSCLE doing a podcast?


I was hoping for a phone app of some kind myself. Maybe a blackberry or ipod program, I'm sure it's in the works.


I thought the Fitcast was T-Nation. They hype all the products and have all the authors on for discussions. If it's not put on by T-Nation or sponsored by Biotest in part, then I'd be surprised.


It is, or was actually sponsored by another supplement company. They just happen to like Biotest.


The fitcast sucks ass


I'll volunteer to do one, although it will mostly consist of me proclaiming shit like "Squats are fucking awesome! Surge is really expensive =(. I LOVE DEADLIFTING OH SHIT IT MAKES MY BALLS FEEL HUGE."


they used to have something like this here, duno what ever happened to it





Are you serious?


100%. I subscribed thinking I was going to learn some new stuff and be entertained but neither one of these things happened. I feel the questions that are asked on the show are the same questions that are asked in the beginner section here. I believe they post here too. Jonathan f etc.


The best fitness related podcast is Iron Radio. Dr. Lonnie Lowery, Rob "Fortress" Fortney, Charles Staley, and Phil Stevens are the hosts. These guys talk the talk and walk the walk.

The FitCast sucks. I went to the FitCast website and saw a pic of Kevin Larrabee I was disapointed. Hard to take advice from someone smaller than you.
Superhuman Radio is my 2nd favorite fitness related podcast. The host Carl Lanore is very knowledgeable.


Fuck youuuu I was about to list these two Podcasts.

Superhuman Radio gets on my nerves, they hype products and sell more blatantly than T-Nation and Biotest.

Iron Radio is the best because it has no sponsors, so they can just tell the truth... and the truth tends to be "work harder, and be more patient"

Fitcast is good if you're bored. You're right - it is hard to take advice from a guy that is small. It has GREAT guests, though.