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I just finished reading Ian King’s latest newsletter and it mentions that Biotest might be putting on a seminar in Florida in Feb. 2001. Can the staff (Chris S.) offer any additional information yet, such as registration, cost, etc.? Ian hints that he may be in attendance! What is the scoop?

I hope it’s in Orlando. I’ve heard that rumor before. Will there be CEU’s for those of us who are certified through different organizations (NSCA, ACE, etc.)?

Yes it’s on! You can meet with and learn from the T-mag writers and staff! The seminar will be held on Fri-Sat 2-3 Feb 2001 in Orlando. $300 standard registration, $225 for first 100 to register. Full program available soon. What will be covered during the two days? Training, nutrition, nutritional supplementation and drugs - the basics of getting bigger, stronger and leaner. Your interests are sure to be covered. For example, my main focus will be on training. In my sessions there will be a chance for those who register first to be part of small group workouts supervised by myself, which is the best way to learn. If you miss the initial registration on these you can watch, and there will be sessions where you can go over your main free weight lifts with my help. That and a lot more! So keep an eye on the T-mag.com site for more info and see you in Orlando! I am sure T-mag will make it worth your while! -

ian king

See the postings above. The seminar is going ahead, you can call Biotest to book a place now. I believe that the first 100 will recieve a discount. I just phoned and put my name down and recommend others who are considering it to do the same. I recently attended Ian’s Boot Camp in LA and can recommend any of his seminars unreservedly; you will not be disappointed. If the other speakers at the seminar are even half as good as Ian is, then this seminar is a must for all the participants of this forum. I will be travelling over from the UK for the event, which shows how highly I think of Ian’s presentations and I am confident that the rest of the t-mag team will follow suit.