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TMAG/Biotest booth at Arnold Classic

To those that have been before this will seem like a worthless question, but since I have never been I am needing an answer.

My question is this: can one attend just the “booths” and check out the new products at the Arnold classic without going to the actual event itself? Where would I go for some more info on this or for getting into the “trade show” to see the TMAG booth. It is all I am interested in. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Racer, you certain can attend the “Expo” portion of the Arnold Classic without paying for and going to the bodybuilding shows themselves. Go to www.arnoldclassic.com for details.

The expo is held in the giant convention center downtown, attached to the Hyatt. Door entrance fees are usually about $10 per day, but you'll make that back in ten minutes with free samples. In the expo you'll also eventually come across a big stage area, where world class powerlifting events are held (with Louie Simmons, Anthony Clark, many others), and sometimes other events. They always have entertainment, strongman exhibitions, etc.

The contest itself is held at the old location, across the river. Believe me, you’ll find enough to do and see in the Expo to occupy you for as many days as you are there. For the greatest “free sample” boost, be there when the doors open Friday or Saturday (probably 10:00 a.m.).

See you there!

Stop by and say hi and we’ll hook you up with a lot more than $10 worth of freebies.

Guys, thanks for the input! I will be easily identifiable as I will be one of the first ones in line at the doors! I hope I do not have to resort to pitching a tent or bringing my expedition sleeping bag, but I am prepared to do what is necessary to get in there early!
See ya there!

Another thing for everyone to keep in mind, and to pass along to your friends, is that we’ll have the complete Biotest line in stock at the booth and for sale. For all intents and purposes, a mini-Biotest store will be open for business at our booth.

This is in addition to the give-away goodies, some of which are very cool, but we’re thinking that it’ll be like Halloween of old, and we may ask people to perform tricks to prove their worthiness to get their hands on the best stuff!

Also, I think your $10 fee for the EXPO gets you into some of the pre-judging events, the martial arts stuff, the arm wrestling event, and most importantly, the cheerleading events. There will be 2500 cheerleaders and dance team members there this year. Not sure what that has to do with bodybuilding, but I’m not complaining.

Just bought my ticket!!! However, I have got a question maybe someone can clear up. On the ticketmaster homepage, it said that the Expo. is only on Sunday, whereas the Arnold Classic homepage leads you to believe that it is Fri, Sat., and Sun. I do not trust anyone but you guys, so if you could post a short itinerary it would be appreciated!

I think it goes on from Friday until Sunday. There’s a schedule here: http://www.arnoldfitnessexpo.com.

I’ll be getting there Thursday evening myself and leaving Sunday afternoon.

Hey Chris, I will see you and John there. I’ll be there bright and early Friday. I would like to show up wearing a T-Mag shirt, but you guys still aren’6 offering the XXL’s in the on-line store and my XL’s are ratty and have the sleeves and neck cut out? Can we get XXL’s yet? Thanks.

Not sure about the XXL shirts, Jeff. You might want to call 1-800-530-1940. They’ll know more than me on that issue.

We’ll have XXL and XXXL shirts, and probably some L to go with the mostly XLs. Wear your ratty one and we’ll exchange it for a fresh one!

Chris, I called that number and was told only L and XL were available. I was disappointed since I thought I had read that 2XL’s and 3XL’s were available. I went back and checked past issues and found a letter in the December 15th Reader Mail titled, “Remember the Big Guys”. TC said they were available. What happened? I guess he Forgot the Big Guys!(lol) Oh well. Say, do we get extra points at the booth if we are wearing a one size too small, faded and sweat stained shirt? See you in Columbus.

Better Yet! I just got a call from BIOTEST re; “No Holds Barred”. Seems I will be receiving a complimentary shirt from the seminar. Cool!