TMAG at the Olympia

Is the TMag crew going to be at the Olympia Expo?? Wouldnt it be great if Howard Stern sent Stuttering John to the Expo to interview people??

Chris answered this already. T-mag is going to be at the Arnold since it’s always better than the Olympia, expo wise, but a few contributors will probably be there.

I can just see Stuttering John interviewing Brock Strasser: “SSSSSSoo why do you want to be ssssssso big? Ddddid you get beat up as a kid?”
Brock: SLAM!! “How’s that broken jaw workin’ for ya, Moron?”
That WOULD be funny.

I’ll be there, but just as a freelance “civilian.” I will be taking notes as to all the odd people and happenings I see, which should be abundant.

That sounds like Brock!!! :slight_smile: