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TM79's Training/Torture Log

BW: 176.2
Yesterday’s Output: 3,436
Yesterdays’ Intake: 2,988
Net: -448

Warmup: LISS – 15% Incline
1.5 Miles, 30 Mins, 396 Cals

Hex Deads

Calf Raises

Stats: 12:20, 80 Cals, 104 BPM

Conditioning: Metcon (Remainder of Yesterday’s Metcon)
Complete the following while wearing a 20 lb weight vest:
2 rounds of:
15 pull-ups
30 push-ups
45 squats
Then, 3 rounds of:
10 pull-ups
20 push-ups
30 squats

Stats: 19:15, 258 Cals, 151 BPM

Comments: Haven’t slept very well the last few nights. These deads were fairly light but I’m just running on E. That metcon was an absolute butt kicker with the vest on. For the record, that was the last part of my metcon from yesterday (that I ran out of time for). I threw the vest on to make it harder, and did all squats to a 15” box. Completely drenched in sweat and pretty much covered my garage with it.

I may try to get out for a hike this afternoon.

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BW: 176.2
Yesterday’s Output: 3,755
Yesterdays’ Intake: 3,302
Net: -453

Morning Grinder with F3
44:58, 584 Cals, 144 BPM

Cool Down: LISS – 15% Incline
1 Mile, 20:00, 264 Cals

10-Minute Full Body Stretching/Mobility
70 Cals, 93 BPM

Comments: My neighbor has been trying to get me to go to F3 with him for over a year now and I finally broke down and went this morning. Good time with a great group of guys. It was raining when we started. I think we covered about two miles, running-wise, and did lots of (mostly lower body) calisthenics in between runs. I picked the wrong week to do lots of squats. That’s all I can say. Good time though and enjoyed coffee and chatting afterwards. I may go back tomorrow but if nothing else, will try to get there at least once per week, on Thursdays.

Came back and was hungry for some more calorie torching so I did a 1-mile LISS on the treadmill and then some stretching/mobility as my legs are screwed…

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BW: 176.4
Yesterday’s Output: 3,485
Yesterdays’ Intake: 3,151
Net: -334

Morning Grinder with F3
Alternating 0.17 Mile Uphill and Downhill Runs with Push-ups at the Top and Crunches at the Bottom. Run 0.5 Miles to and from the hill.

45:00, 623 Cals, 148 BPM

Complete the Following while wearing a 20 lb vest.
When you have to stop, complete 10 Push-ups.
20 Ring Pull-ups (6+6+5+3)
20 Pull-ups (8+7+5)

Note Number of Push-ups: 70 (7 sets)
7:29, 96 Cals, 151 BPM

Cool Down: LISS – 15% Incline
1 Mile, 20:00, 264 Cals

Comments: Another good time this morning with the F3 guys. I’m still not used to their terminology so I just keep pace with a few guys and do sit-ups/push-ups, etc. for as long as they do. This morning we were on the side of a fairly busy 4-lane road, which was pretty funny. About 25 guys running up and down a hill and doing push-ups/crunches. All of us with various looks of needing to fall down and puke. Ha ha…

Came home and did some weighted pull-ups and more push-ups, followed by a mile LISS.

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Good pullups wearing a weighted vest.

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Thanks. The F3 guys wear you out with running, squats, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups, and everything else you can do on pavement. They don’t do pull movements though, and that is one of the biggest reasons I didn’t joined them sooner. I like to treat their sessions like long, pull-free metcons and then come home and do some extra credit with pull-ups and LISS. It is a great group of men though and what they are doing is really great for adult men, who might otherwise be wasting away on the couch. Luckily, they are very active in the town we are moving to also, so I look forward to getting involved with them down there as well.

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BW: 177.8
Yesterday’s Output: 4,056
Yesterdays’ Intake: 2,679
Net: +1,377

Warmup: LISS – 15% Incline
1 Mile, 20:00, 264 Cals

Box Squat
10x115 to a 13” Box
8x135 to a 13” Box
6x165 to a 13” Box
4x185 to a 13” Box
4x205 to a 14” Box


Stats: 44:17, 277 Cals, 92 BPM

Complete 4 Rounds while wearing a 30 lb backpack.
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats (to a 15” Box)
30-Second Plank Hold

Stats: 9:05, 108 Cals, 131 BPM

Conditioning: Intervals/Sprints
2 Rounds:
20 Burpees
200-Meter LISS

Stats: 8:57, 117 Cals, 142 BPM

Comments: Not sure what the deal is with this weight gain. Maybe I’ve added on some muscle from working the deeper squats and doing F3.

Strength: My hips were sore from trying to show my daughter how to do breaststroke yesterday at the pool. Still managed to get some good sets in. Finally gave in on that last set and went up to a 14” box. Still pretty respectable sets for not having done deeper box squats in several years.

Accessory: All sets unbroken except for the squats. My hips were just hurting for these. Got it done.

Burpees/LISS: These always suck.


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