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TM79's Training/Torture Log

I hear you on the lots of stuff hurting! Haha. Still a solid set of box squats at 205. Nice job on the BP as well.

Sorry to hear about the lack of sleep. Yeah, it is odd to think about living in a house that people have died in, but like you said it is really common. If they are not still hanging around spooking up the place I think you are good to go. :slight_smile:

Everyone I know is catching Covid. My brother has it, which means my mom has or will have it. My uncle who works for me has it. The lady in my front office had a headache and we sent her home. I could go on but you get the point. It’s everywhere right now.

Those ring rows do sound brutal. Good work put in Trent!

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Thanks Shane. Yeah, it is a weird thing to think about and for the last four months I am not aware of their presence in our house. I know they were devout believers so am hoping they have gone on. If they weren’t I would be more concerned. Their family went through a lot of tragedy. After the husband passed (10 years ago), our house was a party house while their son grew up with a single mom. She had a few bouts of breast cancer and beat them and then succumbed to ALS last year. A few months after she passed, her 30-year old son OD’d and killed himself (not in the house), leaving his young daughter behind. Very tragic. We bought the house from the wife’s mother (in her 90’s), who lived here with the wife’s sister. Pretty crazy stuff. Despite the rough luck we have had with this house I still feel very blessed compared to them. We just got a quote today to fix the sagging floor joists and cracked foundation walls for $40K. :flushed: Just trying to remain positive at the moment…

Thanks on the session. Glad to have gotten through it.

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Wife wouldn’t buy a used house in case some one had died in it. I think it may be in California a history of the house in some form has to be provide when you sell it. We’ve had 3 new houses and one in the Philippines and the wife’s had each one blessed. Me, I have enough ghost come to see me a few more wouldn’t matter.

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That’s the way we were too until this place popped up. In a better market I likely would have passed on this house. The death stuff is weird but the $100K we will have likely had to spend to fix it stings a lot worse. Plus we didn’t find out about that stuff until after we had put an offer on it and put down $20K due diligence. I was willing to role the dice to keep from losing that money. Of course though, the stuff on the inspection report ended up being the tip of the iceberg. Had I known that I would have gladly let that $20K go…

BW: 179.4
Yesterday’s Net: +100

LISS: 1 Mile, 20:00, 220 Cals

531 Cycle 3 – Week 1

Hex Deads
5+x275: 5 (Had more but stopped)

Overhead Press
5+x115: 6 (that was it)

5+xBW+30: 5 (that was it)

Stats: 33:02, 220 Cals, 105 BPM

4 Rounds:
8 Deadlifts, 135 lb
8 DB OHP, 2x40 lb
8 HG Pull-ups
8 Back Extensions holding a 25 lb plate

Stats: 10:40, 108 Cals, 128 BPM

Conditioning: Metcon
Complete as many rounds as possible in 6 minutes of:
30-second plank hold
10 odd-object ground to overheads (45 lb plate)

Stats: 4 Rounds, 70 Cals, 137 BPM

Comments: Nothing like waking up at the same weight you were at a week and a half ago, before you started trying hard to lose it… Felt pretty good for this session. Stopped at 5 on deads to prevent injury. Topped out at 6 on OHP and 5 on pull-ups (30 lb). Accessory was no walk in the park. Short metcon as I was out of time. Done.


Man, sorry to hear about your house. I hate it for you man. That is a huge fear of mine while I have been looking for a house. With how competitive it’s been there have been people buying with zero days due diligence with cash on top of it. Of course most of those are investment companies who have the money to take the risk.

Strong work Trent. I hear you on the weight loss front. I am in the same boat. Dropping lbs seems to get harder every year.

Solid OHPs and deads. Metcon and accessory work looked great also!

Thanks Shane. Yeah, I was always hoping that would never happen to us but here we are… Luckily everyone seems to have “left the premises.” :sweat_smile: Once the weirdness wears off it isn’t bad. It’s just a disadvantage of buying in this market, as you said. It has really motivated us to bring new life to the house, which is a good thing. Yeah, I need to work harder on the diet department. The exercise department is going just fine. :sweat_smile:


Why can’t our bodies just realize, hey you are working really hard, you deserve to be able to eat whatever you want. :joy:

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BW: 180.2 (d@mnit)
Yesterday’s Net: -

Conditioning: Metcon

5 rounds, each for time, of:
20 pull-ups
30 push-ups
40 sit-ups
50 squats
Rest LISS precisely three minutes between rounds.

Stats: 6:30, 5:18, *** 5:18, 5:17, 4:31
Total Time: 50:00, 548 Cals, 125 BPM
***15-minute break to take kid to school

Cool Down: 0.38 Mile LISS, 7:26, 99 Cals, 150 BPM

Comments: This is what we call moving in the wrong direction.

Metcon: I specifically remember doing this metcon for the first time at a hotel fitness center in El Paso, TX about 7 years ago (10/1/14). I was looking out at the border wall through the windows. That was a fun time. Notice the first round I was totally cold and subsequent rounds were all a minute faster or better. Warming up pays! Stepped on the gas for that last round. Previously, I have done this one with no rest between rounds. My fastest time was 23:12 on 5/30/18. That is lightning fast at 4:38 per round (with no breaks). Today I was going to do the same but decided to throw in some LISS between rounds to burn more calories. Had to stop and take my daughter to school after round 2. Finished up when I got home. Cool down was finishing the distance to 1 mile on LISS. Done. Might try to surf at lunch if I have time. Have a good day!


Nice work Trent. I wouldn’t beat yourself up to bad. I think that as we get older sometimes just maintaining is gaining. With that at times it’s hard to even maintain with the added age and the additional injuries we pick up along the way.

Still a hell of a workout! That was a ton put in today. Barbara looks like a real PITA. LoL.

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Ha ha, thanks Shane. Yeah, I know. I think it is all of the stuff that is out of my control that bugs me. Like enchilada night, followed by pasta night, followed by pizza night… All at 8:00PM. :tired_face: So I eat way too heavy of a meal, too late, then don’t get as much sleep. It’s a vicious cycle.

Thanks. Barbara is indeed a PITA. Ha ha…

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Yesterday Afternoon:

Surfing. Crystal Pier.
56:26, 494 Cals, 117 BPM

Comments: That was one of the crummiest sessions I’ve had in a while. Nothing but small closeouts. Oh well, burned some calories…

This Morning:

BW: 179.8
Yesterday’s Net: -300

LISS: 2.5 Miles, 60:00, 600 Cals

Comments: Definitely coming down with something or fighting something. Started getting a sore throat two nights ago and last night the drainage in my throat kept waking me up (clogging my airway). That chilly surf session yesterday afternoon probably didn’t help. Hopefully I can kick this but it isn’t looking good. The kids got it first and now me and my wife are getting it. Hoping for the best but a run is looking doubtful tomorrow.


A bad day surfing is better than any day in the office. :slight_smile:

Hope you feel better soon man. This new omicron variant seems to be like the flu for a day followed by a cold. I can’t believe how many people around the world are going crazy over this new variant. I have had the flu and it is a lot worse.

Ha ha, truer words have never been spoken… I really hope it is more mild for us “all natural” folks, because I am 99% sure that’s what I (we) have.

My fever is about 101 right now. Have a sore (scratchy might be a better word) throat and pretty hefty cough that happens here and there. Pretty tired and achy and I have a headache. The only somewhat recent comparison I have is when I was in Vegas in February 2020. I went to the conference that day and it hit me like a truck. Fever was 102 by the time I got back to the hotel and I had a horrific cough almost immediately. The covid test wasn’t available back then so I took a flu test, which came back negative (so I always figured I had covid). This doesn’t feel nearly as bad as that (yet). We put a lot of time and research into our decision to not get the jab and I hope we end up OK. My daughter is asleep right now with a 102 fever. My son is asleep too (just not feeling good). My wife says her throat is sore but she feels fine (me yesterday). Hoping for the best…


For what it’s worth I didn’t get a booster, don’t plan on getting one either, and my second shot was back in April last year. I got the Pfizer jab and if you go by whatever science sells the most jabs this week, it means I should have been pushing up daisies a week ago.

My son, non vaccinated breezed though it.

Sending well wishes and prayers y’all’s way.

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Thanks Shane. That is comforting. For the first time since this shit show began, about two years ago, I just got tested for Covid and sure enough, I have it. It was an at home test though so I’m not sure how dependable those things are. I did sleep in the guest room last night and my fever got up to about 102.5. It is about 100 now. My daughter’s fever is now gone so that’s good. I slept from 8:00PM last night to 12:00PM this afternoon (off and on). Other than the fever, I have a sore throat and a cough every now and again. It feels like it is turning into a head cold a little more now. The cough is not dry either. I am coughing up phlegm. Despite the cough, my O2 levels are fine (upper 90’s). Hopefully it stays that way. Other than that, I have fatigue, body aches, a head ache, etc. As I mentioned before, whatever I caught in Vegas back in 2020 was way worse than this. That’s what I keep telling myself. I survived that and I will get through this too. Plus there are no miserable cross country plane rides that I have to do in the coming days…

My wife is pretty stressed because we don’t know what degree of isolation we want to do. I am sure my daughter has/had it and she has been out in the living room with everyone this whole time. Wouldn’t be surprised if my wife and son have it in a few days. I’m not good at isolating (or wearing masks). It’s going to be an adventure…


Sounds a lot like what I had but I didn’t have a sore throat. Unfortunately it’s probably going to go through the whole family. I have listened to a lot of podcasts with different Drs talking about the new Omicron variant. They say it is highly contagious, like measles contagious, which would put it up there with the most contagious airborne virus known. They also called it Omicold as well, noting that the flu is worse than this new variant by a good margin.

The good thing is, it doesn’t attack your lungs the way that Delta and Alpha did. It does get into the bronchials and cause phlegm but not like the other 2.

Your family should be on the way to being mostly over it by this time next week.

Fwiw I was coughing stuff up for about 10-14 days.

My wife got really sick but she had just come off antibiotics from a sinus infection a day or two before catching omicron.

My mom has it and has been at home this week, she said today she has had colds worse than this.

Thanks Shane. That comment was very comforting while I was right in the thick of it. Saturday I got out of bed at 12:00PM and hung out with the family until 8:00PM. I managed to grill some steaks and have a few beers but did just barely make it to 8:00PM. Sunday, I woke up at 9:00AM and was up all day. My head still felt like I was in the clouds and I was really achy. The fever hovered around 99-100. By the end of the day my energy levels had mostly returned. I had to force myself to turn the game off and go to bed at 10:00PM. I woke up this morning and it looks like my temp is back to normal. I have a little bit of congestion and still have a sore throat (which I think may be an inflamed tonsil).

Ironically, my wife started getting a fever within an hour of my starting to feel better. She is now in bed moaning and groaning. I think this hit her a lot harder. She was throwing up off and on last night and this morning. Hopefully she can turn a corner here at some point. I thought about commenting that she is giving women a bad reputation after all those years of them talking junk to me about how men sound like they are giving birth when they have a cold. I’m too smart to actually say that though… :joy:

As far as training goes, I will probably ease back into it. I’m doing full-on child care duties until my wife feels better so no point trying to get any training in yet. Just trying to stay sane while chasing the kids around (and keeping them quiet).

I was hoping it would bring some comfort. After having Omicron, while it was not fun, it is definitely not something to fear. It makes me really question the guts of this country if we are going to vaccinate our children against something that 99 percent of the country will breeze through without many issues. It’s definitely not as bad as the flu, and we are not out mandating that people have a flu shot. Thank God I live in a part of the country where the whole world has gone damn crazy.

Good luck with the kids. Hopefully your wife doesn’t kill you if you actually do decide to say that. Your best chance to do it though is within the next 24 hours while you can still outrun her.

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I hear that Shane. If you are 60+ years old, I can definitely see why you would risk getting the shot (I refuse to use the word vaccine). Possibly even at our age. But I have no earthly idea why you would let someone inject that into your child. No one has a clue how this stuff is going to affect everyone’s health down the road. My coworker said it sent his daughter to the ER after she got it.

My theory is that my daughter brought this home from school. I believe that she caught it from one of her (7 year old) friends who are “vaccinated” and went to school anyway, despite the fact that one or more people in their house had covid. They were technically following CDC guidelines, which I laugh at personally.

Anyone with half a brain should see right through this. The fact that more people do not is what scares me.

My wife actually came up with a good analogy. If winning the lottery were dying of covid, someone who has had the shots bought one lottery ticket. Someone who hasn’t may have bought 5 tickets, so therefore, they have a 5 times greater change of dying of covid, but the chances of either of those are slim to none.

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