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TM79's Training/Torture Log

BW: 176.4
Yesterday’s Output: 3,570
Yesterday’s Intake: 3,170
Net: -400

Warmup: LISS – 15% Incline
1.25 Miles, 25:00, 310 Cals

4 Rounds:
8 Goblet Squats, 80 lb
8 CGBP, 115 lb
8 Ring Rows
8 GHD Sit-ups

Stats: 11:45, 120 Cals, 119 BPM

Conditioning: Metcon
For time:
21 Back Squats, 75% Body Weight
21 Hammer-Grip Pull-ups
15 Back Squats, 75% Body Weight
15 Hammer-Grip Pull-ups
9 Back Squats, 75% Body Weight
9 Hammer-Grip Pull-ups

Stats: 11:25, 133 Cals, 132 BPM

Comments: Yesterday morning I drove down to the beach, surfed for about 45 minutes, got out, went back to the parking lot and hopped on a conference call. Then I paddled back out for another 45 minutes. Caught some super fun waves on the long board. That’s what I call work life balance…

This morning I’m just out here burning calories and making up the stuff I missed earlier in the week.


Solid workout today Trent. That Metcon with all those squats looks tough. 21 squats in a row with any weight will definitely get the heart rate up, with 75 percent bodyweight that is impressive!

Definitely sweet work life balance there. :sunglasses:

Thanks Shane. That was supposed to be BW squats. Over the years I have learned to steer clear of doing heavy squats/deads/etc. in metcons as that is a one way ticket to injury. Dropped it back to 3/4 BW, which, for me is only 135 lb. :joy: Yeah, really digging the work/life balance.

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Wow, that metcon would have crushed me! haha.

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BW: 178.4
Yesterday’s Output: 3,070
Yesterday’s Intake: 3,570 (Doh!)
Net: +500

Conditioning: Distance Run. Outdoor. Paved
5 Miles, 42:01, 8:23 Pace, 638 Cals, 159 BPM

Comments: Diet has been slacking the last few days… Got up early this morning so I could get my run in before my son’s soccer practice. Felt good to hit the pavement again after two weeks off. Wish I would have had time to run a few more miles. Lord knows the waist line could use it… Have a good weekend folks!


Nice 5 miler Trent. Great pace on that one. :sunglasses:

Thanks brother. Running on flat ground is much easier. :joy:

BW: 178.4
Yesterday’s Output: 2,761
Yesterday’s Intake: 3,553
Net: +792

Warmup: LISS – 15% Incline
1 Mile, 20:00, 250 Cals

5-3-1 Week 1
Box Squat (14”)
5+x185: 8 (Few more in the tank)

5x145 (Sharp pain in right shoulder)
5x165 (More pain)
***20-Minute Break to Take Kid to School
8x135 (Extra set to warm back up)
5+x185: 5 (Maybe 1 more in the tank)

Stats: 22:40, 148 Cals, 100 BPM

4 Rounds:
10 Goblet Squats, 100 lb
10 Landmine Rows (2 Arms), 100 lb
8 Ring Dips
20 Crunches

Stats: 9:50, 75 Cals, 108 BPM

Conditioning: Intervals/Sprints
2 Rounds:
10 DB Clean & Jerks, 2x40 lb
200-Meter LISS

Stats: 8:00, 94 Cals, 133 BPM

Comments: Diet has gone off the deep end this past week… Time to tighten up. 43 degrees out here this morning. Man, Fall sure has a way of sneaking up on you.

I always enjoy the transition to lower volume. It’s like a deload week, even with the heavier weight. Had to stop and take my daughter to school when I was nearly done with bench. Was dealing with some sharp pain in the back of my right shoulder (probably from surfing). That went away by the time I got home. Did one additional set to get warmed up again and then barely got my reps on the last set. I am overstating my bench max and understating my squat and dead maxes for this cycle.

Accessory was good. Gotta love landmines. Conditioning was brief but I have a meeting to get to. Have a good day!


I hear you on you diet. It’s easy to get complacent there, especially with the colder weather upon us.

Solid work on the squats and benching. Glad that pain went away.

I haven’t done landmine in awhile but they sure are a great exercise.

Might be easier but that’s a good pace.

Thanks Shane. My wife is like the devil on my shoulder when it comes to sugar. She always just appears out of nowhere with cookies/ice cream/etc. :joy:

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Thank you my friend. :wink:

BW: 177.8
Yesterday’s Output: 3,060
Yesterday’s Intake: 3,560 (Pasta night…)
Net: +500

Warmup: LISS – 15% Incline
1.75 Miles, 35:00, 430 Cals

5-3-1 Week 1
Hex Deads
5+x255: 10 (had a few more in the tank)

Overhead Press
5+x105: 8 (maybe 1 more)


Stats: 32:28, 230 Cals, 93 BPM

4 Rounds:
6 DB OHP, Right Arm, 40 lb
8 Snatch Grip Deads, 115 lb
6 DB OHP, Left Arm, 40 lb
8 Barbell Rows, 115 lb
10 Back Extensions

Stats: 11:00, 122 Cals, 128 BPM

Conditioning: Metcon
For time:
3-minute static DB hold overhead, 2x30 lb
50 squats
30 DB OHP, 30 lb
50 squats
30 DB OHP, Alternating, 30 lb

Stats: 11:30, 133 Cals, 132 BPM

Comments: I love how on the day when I vowed to correct my diet I crushed some Oreos and then my wife comes home with my favorite pasta on the planet. Try try again…

5-3-1 is great but man those strength sessions take a while. Did some extra LISS before that too. Accessory was really good and balanced. The metcon was tough. It took me 5 minutes to get 3 minutes of static DB overhead hold. Went through the rest fairly quickly though. Have a good one folks!


Our wives must be in cahoots, as mine does the same thing. I came home from work last night and my wife and son had brought home pokemon oreos. Last night I ended up eating 4 pikachu.

Solid lifting man. We both crushed some oreos last night. Hahaha.

Ha ha, thanks. The Oreos go down easy alright… :yum:

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BW: 175.8
Yesterday’s Output: 3,315
Yesterday’s Intake: 2,750
Net: -565

Warmup: LISS – 15% Incline
3 Miles, 60:00, 660 Cals

Comments: I love it when I mysteriously drop 2 pounds overnight. I’m like, “Is this scale broken?” (Step on it again. Get same result) “Must be working fine.”

Just burning calories this morning. According to an online calculator, someone my weight walking uphill at 15% incline burns around 250 calories per mile (20-minute mile pace). I have been using that math for a long time now for LISS and am going to start underestimating the calories. This morning I will use 220 calories/mile. That is also to makeup for less effort on the first half a mile or so, where I am usually so tight that I hold onto the shelf above the treadmill. There is a noticeable increase in effort when I loosen up and let go of the shelf. Also, I usually try to go an extra 200-400 meters for good measure.


Solid cal dump today. It is always nice when you drop a couple pounds overnight, and I am hoping for a couple of those with my current weight loss goals.

I know the old “shelf” lean or hold, I have done it myself. Yep, it a lot harder when you let go, especially on an incline. Seems like you have a good system for estimating cals though.

3 miles on an incline for an hour is hard work. Good job.

I drink so much water that a 3# difference between the evening and morning, several urinations during the night, is standard for me.

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Thanks Gents. I think it may have been more of excess sodium intake than anything. Once my body got rid of it the water retention and weight went down. Not much shelf leaning going on out here this morning, fortunately. :wink: