TM79's Training Journal

Sounds about right. Your food night sounds better than mine though!

I can push it to 7:00. I get up around 4:30 every day anyways so I try to get it done early.

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Let me talk to the Ms. and I’ll get back with you. If we have something planned that necessitates that I start the ride at 6:00 I’ll let you know. Good for you for being an early riser. I’d have to get to bed at 8:30PM to pull that off…

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Yesterday’s Cals: 2,900/-200

Garage – Legs

Warm Up
Stretching Bike Intervals
10:00, 70 Cals, 109 BPM

Box Squat

21:00, 177 Cals, 119 BPM


Bike Warmup:
2 Rounds:
2:00 L7
2:00 L17

8:00, 80 Cals, 131 BPM

Hip Adduction

Hip Abduction

LF Back Extensions

LF Leg Extensions

HS IL Leg Curl
20x25 PS
20x25 PS

Dyna Body Squat

Walking Lunges

23:00, 213 Cals, 116 BPM

Extra 10 Climb Ride – Matt Wilpers
10:00, 147 BPM

Comments: Good workout. Started out in the garage with some squats, then went to the gym for accessory, then back to the garage for some Peloton action. Good sets on squats. I was happy to get a rep at 285. That was a faster workup than I usually do to get to that weight. Normally I spend 25-30 minutes but had to leave and take my daughter to school. Plowed through accessory work. All sets of 20. Then back home for a challenging 10 minute climb ride by Matt Wilpers. Done.


Yep, I am actually in bed at 8:30. Lame, but if I want to workout before work it’s what I have to do.

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I think if we could have pulled that off if our son would have not come along but that seemed to throw our entire life into chaos and it has been that way every since. I love that kid but man does he make life complicated sometimes… :joy:

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Yesterday’s Cals: 2,800/-800

60 Minute Power Zone Ride – Matt Wilpers
Total Output: 632 kj (PR 60 Min)
Calories: 847 kcal
Avg Cadence: 86 rpm
Avg Speed: 20.1 mph
Distance: 20.13 miles
Avg Output: 176 watts
Avg Resistance: 45%

5 Minute Cool Down Ride – Emma Lovewell

Comments: Good ride this morning. Honestly, I rode a zone above for the last half of the ride, at a minimum. Sometimes two zones above. Was just feeling good and enjoying the new padded shorts. Blew my previous 60 minute output record out of the water by about 40 kj. Coming for you Shane! Ha ha…


Damn. I would say you passed me by. Great job man. I am pretty sure I have never averaged 20 MPH. Especially not over an hour.

How do you like Matt? I think he has a good outlook on training and I like his warm ups.

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I don’t believe it. I know I’ve seen you post 20+ mph rides on a few occasions. :sunglasses:

I thought that was a pretty good effort and was surprised to only be in the top 30’th percentile on that one. There must be a lot of bad asses that do the long rides…

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Idk. I don’t feel like I have.

Yeah there are definitely some bad asses on the peloton. No doubt about that.

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Yesterday’s Cals: 3,400/-300

10 Minutes Stretching

From Grizz Phys
EMOM for 36 Minutes:
Min 1: 30 Air Squats
Min 2: 20 Push-ups
Min 3: 12 Burpees
Min 4: 16 DB Snatch, 40 lb
Min 5: 20 Sit-ups
Min 6: Rest (Easy pace on the bike)

441 Cals, 144 BPM

Comments: My legs were so sore from a big leg day on Tuesday and then that Peloton ride yesterday that I stretched for 10 minutes and was still insanely tight for this entire metcon. Got it done at least. This was a deceiving one. It didn’t seem too hard in the beginning but definitely sucked by the end.


Solid man. Anything that includes burpees looks tough to me, especially EMOM sets.

Great job knocking that one out.

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Yesterday’s Cals: 2,800/-200

20 Minute HIIT Ride – Olivia Amato
Total Output: 237 kj
Calories: 299 kcal
Avg Cadence: 85 rpm
Avg Speed: 21 mph
Distance: 7 mi
Avg Output: 198 watts
Avg Resistance: 48%

Gym – Push

LF Chest Press


Overhead Press

LF Lat Raise Max Reps

HS IL Shoulder Press Max Reps
14x45 PS

Decline Bench, 135 lb Max Reps

Genesis Cable Bar Tricep Extensions Max Reps

71:00, 481 Cals, 102 BPM

Comments: My legs were completely wrecked this morning so I thought I’d shake it off by doing a HIIT ride. It sure was a PITA. I can tell you that… Still did fairly well. I was at the middle of the resistance range and lower side of the cadence range. Olivia likes to chew you up, spit you out and grind you into the floor. Ha ha… I’m starting to catch on to Matt Wilper’s “shake it off” thing by coming out of the saddle for 10 seconds or so after a hard interval. That really does help.

Went to the gym after that and did a solid push session. Didn’t do any supersets as I already accomplished my conditioning goals before I got there. Nice and heavy on Bench and OHP, then a bunch of max rep accessory work.

Got the green light from my wife to meet Shane on the bike at 7:00AM tomorrow. Hoping I can get these legs loosened up a lot before then. Ha ha…


See you tomorrow at 7:00 AM.

I plan to have a couple bananas and a Gatorade along with big glass of water.

Expect to do 35 to 40 miles tomorrow so you will want some carbs and electrolytes throughout the ride.

I have a small Costco folding table next to my bike I set all my stuff on.

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Cool man. Good idea on the table. I was reading all of your awesome preparation stuff and thinking, "yeah, I’ll probably be tired, slightly hungover, dehydrated and have just downed half a pot of coffee but I’ll try to remember to grab a bottle of water for the ride. :sunglasses: :joy:

Nah, I’ll probably grab a Gatorade and a granola bar or something although I don’t usually eat during big cardio outings. When I used to run I wouldn’t even drink water or anything because I would get cramps. Since starting the Peloton I will drink a little bit of water here and there on longer rides. It’s gonna be interesting. Definitely need to get my legs loosened up…

Yesterday’s Cals: 3,000/-300

120 Minute Power Zone Endurance Ride – Matt Wilpers
Total Output: 1,237 kj
Calories: 1,788 kcal
Avg Cadence: 88 rpm
Avg Speed: 20.1 mph
Distance: 40.19 miles
Avg Output: 172 watts
Avg Resistance: 45%

5 Minute Cool Down Ride – Matt Wilpers

Comments: Well, stayed up way too late drinking beers and playing the new electric guitar last night, but still got out of bed, chugged some coffee and got on the bike at 7:00AM for the 120 minute ride that Shane talked me into. I have to admit that it seemed pretty daunting at about the 45 minute mark. Then I just settled in for the long haul. Finished a bottle of water, bottle of Gatorade and a granola bar during that ride. I had sort of a pipe dream of finishing with over 40 miles but honestly didn’t think it was going to happen until about an hour in. I was pushing the intervals starting around 30 minutes and finally got on pace at about 1:30:00. From there I just stayed over 20 mph and finished a little over 40 miles. Hell of a ride and I really enjoyed it. Cheers Shane! Really enjoying these rides. Thanks for all of the motivation brother! Have a great weekend! :beers: :sunglasses:


Kick ass ride Trent! You definitely were cruising on that one. 20MPH average for 2 hours straight is damn impressive!

Had a great time. We will have to try to get one of those in quarterly. I think that’s Matt’s plan. So when he drops a new one we will have to team up and do them.

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Thanks Shane! I love the idea of doing those once per quarter. I also like the idea of doing a longer one sometime. I think you mentioned a hundred mile bike ride as a goal of yours. I could see that taking 5-6 hours but it would be cool to accomplish that. Maybe a once per year thing. I’m surprised they don’t have more long distance ones like that.

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Yeah the 100 miler is in the back of my mind on these longer rides. It is hard to imagine going almost 3 times that distance.

On the first 2 hour ride Matt said that bikers will consider their indoor distance x 2 as compared to an out door ride since you are pedaling every mile and don’t have the luxury of coasting. That makes me feel better but not sure how accurate that is.

I am definitely down to do it quarterly.

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I could not imagine doing 100 miles on a stationary bike! I’ve done 100+ mile rides outside quite a few times and they’re tough, but inside and in one place with no scenery changes sounds just painful. lol


I couldn’t either. I plan on doing mine outdoors. Only reason I mentioned the comparison is I think an indoor 40 mile ride is tougher than an outdoor of the same distance because you have to pedal the whole 40 miles of it indoor. Biggest rub I have right now is my peloton is more of a mile eater than my hybrid bike.