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TM Testing Question

I’m slightly confused regarding the method for for testing your TM.

When I get to my deload/7th week, and want to check if my TM is correct, do I test it at the TM for the following cycle?

For example: let’s say I wrap up the cycle having just used a 300 TM, and I plan to increase it to 310 on the following cycle post-deload/7th week. Would I run the TM test at 310?

Where are you in your training cycle? I believe Jim recommends testing your TM after both leader and anchor, and do your TM for 1 rep as a deload in between your leader and anchor.

But yes your TM test will be based on your next cycle, 90% of your TM for at least 3 reps, 85% of your TM for at least 5 reps.

I’m still a few weeks out from wrapping my leader, but I just wanted to clarify the numbers before eventually getting there.

Wait wait, 90%/85% OF my training max? Or if I’m using a 90% TM I should be hitting 3, and if I’m using an 85% TM I should be hitting 5? Because I feel like hitting 5 reps at 85% of an 85% TM would be too easy and not accurately reflect if I’m dialled in correctly. Maybe I’ve misread the protocol, though.

My mistake, I meant if you’re using a TM of 90% of your 1 rep max shoot for 3 reps on your TM test week, if you’re using a TM of 85% of your 1 rep max shoot for 5 reps, no more.

If you fail to hit those numbers then your TM is too high.

Right, that’s what I thought. Threw me off for a second, haha. Thanks!