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TM Progression with Different Percentages

I’m an old guy doing 2 leader cycles of 5’s Pro, BBB FSL using 85% TM, followed by one anchor consisting of PR sets, joker sets, and 5x5 FSL using 90% TM. I don’t know how to best increment after each cycle since the TM percentages are different. Do I add to the 85% the first two cycles and then calculate a 1RM to add to the 90 for the next? Or would you just use 85% for the anchor as well… thanks!

If I understand your question it doesn’t matter what percentage of a TM you use. Just add 5lbs to the upper body lifts and 10lbs to the lower body lifts as you normally would.

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That makes sense as you’re just using a TM, whatever it is. Thanks

You are supposed to add 5-10lbs to TM… it doesnt matter what % it is, its a lbs you add to the TM, so add 5lbs to your 85% TM and you get a new TM, or add same to 90% and you have your new 90% TM.

anyway, using lower TM is always better so i would suggest you just stick with 85% in leaders and anchors since you are doing jokers anyway, what does it matter whats your TM, right?