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TM percentages


I read the book Texas method part 1 by Justin Lascek. He said to start with 85% of the 3x5 weight on Intensity day for squat,bench and press (after the first week), but he doesn't specify the percentages to use on Light day, except for the squat that is 70-80% weight of the volume day.

Someone knows what % of volume day should I use for light bench/medium press on light day?


70-80 should be fine. It’s more movement practice than anything.

There’s an excel spreadsheet out there that will kind of help you w/ weights, but the nature of the program doesn’t lend itself as well to something like that, as it’s based more on feel and driving that intensity day.


Ok, today I start with this setup:

Volume day
Squat 5x5 @80% of 5RM
Military press/Bench 5x5@80% of 5RM
Pendlay row 5x5 @80% of 5RM
Assistance:Pull-ups 3xmax, High incline DB press 3x10,Lunges 2x12(just because I like some unilateral work)

Light day
Front squat 3x3
Military press 3x5 @90%of volume day / Bench 3x5 @80 of volume day
Assistance:Back raises 2x15 , Curls 3x10, Face pull 3x12-15

Intesity day
Squat 5RM
MP/Bench 5RM
Deadlift 3RM
Assistance: Weighted Pull-ups 3x5, Dips 3x10, Kroc rows 1x15-20, Abs 4x10

What do you think about assistance work ?
I want to priotize pulling strength and upper back/delts/arms mass instead of benching/chest. I also think to do pendlay row before bench/MP on volume day, but I am worry about mess up the programm too much…


Disclaimer: There are people much more experienced with TM than myself.

For light squats, even front squats, I’d stick w/ 2x5 over 3x3.

I would also DL on volume day, but you’ll have to play w/ it to figure out what works for you.

I wouldn’t do any assistance at first. After you get used to it, maybe back extensions, 5 x 10, and chins, 3 x F, on your light day. After that for a few weeks, and you still have the work capacity, then look at swapping in something else.

I wouldn’t do any rowing for the time being. If you want something from the floor, I’d power clean on intensity day, 5 x 3.

The percentage on your volume day doesn’t really matter that much, because it’s just a starting point. You only increase weight on the volume day if your intensity day isn’t progressing. The entire program is pretty much centralized around driving up your 5RM on intensity day.