TM Lost My Way Somewhere

So I’ve been using the original 531 for 4 years now. All my lifts have continued to go up. I run 90% and always aim for 8 reps on my 5+ day, 5 on my 3+ day and 3 on my 1+ day. I usually run 5 cycles then go back three.

But I’ve just starting reading about forever (orderd but not got it yet) and it seems that I’ve been left in the past a little in regards to wendlers work.

So my questions are, everything o read talks about having a lot lower training max and hitting a lot higher reps on the plus days than I have. What I’ve been doing is working but is the newer work better or just another option?

My current 1RMs are
205kg dead
147.5kg squat
120kg bench
80kg press

I’ll probably get a lot of people thinking just wait and read the book, but I’m just interested if everyone is doing a new programme or if the original is still used and loved.

Cheers guys

If what you are doing is working don’t change it.

Having said that, Jim now recommends that your TM should be a weight you can hit for 5 good, fast, strong reps.

But again, if you’re progressing I wouldn’t change anything, just be aware that if stuff is getting heavy and grinding you may want to scale back a little

If it is working for you then I wouldn’t change it unless you want to. Jim has made the recommendations based off of what he has seen work best for the most amount of people in the last few years.
And yes people still use the original 5/3/1. On his forums there is a training log section and a few of the guys still like the original best. Their PR sets are all over the place rep-wise (triples up to sets of 20) but it works for them. You just have to find what works best for you.

You can use 90% - that is still a recommendation for the basic program; although you can use lower. HOWEVER, be sure the TM remains at 90% after 3 cycles. If not, back it up and reset. It is imperative that you build strength, not test it.


Thanks for the response. I’ll carry on as is until forever arrives…then probably change to the new revolution of 531

Thanks Jim, my proudest moment so far is deadlifting over 200kg. I’m looking forward to 5 plates a side now!