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TM Calculation Question


Maybe a stupid question, but with respect to the 1RM I take 85% of to calculate my training max, should that be a “grinding” 1RM or should that be a max rep where bar speed is not materially slowed? I know I am not supposed to grind reps out in training but wasn’t sure if that applied to the 1RM used to calculate training max as well. Thanks.


Should be a ‘relatively’ easy 1RM. One that you could hit any day of the week, no matter how much sleep, or food, or what s been going on.


I don’t think Jim even advocates for using a true 1RM, but rather a strong 3RM or 5RM.


I don’t think it matters too much, your taking 85% of it either way. The program used to be 90% so the 85% should account for that being a grinder and then some. I would actually recommend using a calculated 1RM on a rep PR, preferably 5RM.


Weight x Reps x .0333 + Weight = Estimated 1RM

From there take 85%. Jim’s #1, numero uno, the FIRST principle: Start Too Light! Why blow your ass out for a 1RM if you’re going to adjust down to 65/70% anyways? Rock on, good luck.

Edit: Sorry I should have read the comments before replying, it was already answered. Git er done.