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TKDdans training log


Deadlift 415x4 (almost 5).

Started lifting 2 years ago with a bench of 165.
As of right now I can:
Squat: 415
Bench: 315
Deadlift: 475

My goal is to compete and win in state competitions and then more...


Here’s the last squat I did. 315x11.


August 3, 2011…

Squat 325x11
Leg Extensions 275x10
Seated Leg Curl 280x3 (too tired after the squat)
Seated Calf Raise 145x12
Decline Twisting Crunches with an 18 pound bar behind the head

My 325 squat:


Just did Tae Kwon Do today as cardio. Not going to help my lifts, but I like to keep my heart health up more than lifting is getting me.


August 5, 2011…

Bench Press 245x9
DB hybrid fly/press 90x9
Preacher Curl 85x10
Lateral Raise Machine 180x3 (did 155x10 a few weeks before)

My bench press:


August 8, 2011…

Deadlift 375x11 (almost 12)
Pullovers 105x7
Treadmill Jog at 7 miles per hour, 7 minutes (going to go up a minute every workout, or more).

My 375x11 Deadlift:


August 10, 2011…

Squat 340x10
Leg Extensions 290x8
Glute Ham Raise 35 (weight behind the head) x 10
Reverse Hyperextensions 90x10

My Squat:


August 10, 2011…

Decline Bench Press 265x10
Incline db Bench Press 100x8
Seated Twisting Bicep Curls 35x13
Lateral Raise Machine 150x10
Front db Raise 35x6

No video from the workout. Just wanted to bench and get it done. Didn’t feel like trying to get someone to record.


August 25, 2011…

Flat Bench Press 250x8
DB Hybrid Fly/Press 100x7
Pec Dec 295x6
Tricep Pushdown 140x6
Preacher Curl 95x9

My Bench Press:


August 28, 2011…

Squat 370x7
Lunges 90x10
Lying Leg Curl 210x9
Crunch Machine 255x9

My Squat:


August 30, 2011…

Deadlift 405x8
DB Bent Over Row 105x10
Close Grip Pulldown 180x10
Rear Delt Row 165x10
Treadmil Jog 25 minutes (speed walked 20 minutes or so, then 5 minutes of actual jogging)

My Deadlift: